Thank You

Thanksgiving is in a couple of days, which allows the OneRequest team and me to reflect on the crazy year we’ve all had in 2020. Starting a company is always challenging.  Toss in a pandemic and well, it has been even more memorable. 2020 will be remembered for COVID, masks and social distancing.  For me, it will also be known as the year OneRequest launched.

I started OneRequest to improve the car shopping experience.  In less than six months, OneRequest has grown in numerous ways and I am thankful for everyone who helped make it happen.  To the hundreds of Requesters who signed up and submitted a request, thank you.  To all the Providers who signed up and responded to requests, thank you.  To the OneRequest team who made it all happen and put us in position for a successful future, thank you.

I want to especially thank everyone – Requesters and Providers – who gave us feedback on our new platform.  This feedback is invaluable and we’ve learned a lot from it.  We’re currently working on a big set of new features and site enhancements that the team and I are very excited about. We are confident you will be too.

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages and our blog to be one of the first to learn about our exciting announcements.  Again, thanks to everyone who helped get us started.  Have a great Thanksgiving and please stay safe.

Eric Westphal
Founder & CEO, OneRequest

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