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Have you heard? OneRequest now offers Requesters two services: OneRequest and OneRequest Concierge. The OneRequest team decided to sit down and answer your FAQ’s about the two services so that you can decide which one is right for you. 

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What is OneRequest?

OneRequest, the service, allows Requesters to anonymously chat with Providers about any vehicle of their choosing. For example, you’ll go through the request process on the OneRequest website. From there you can communicate anonymously with Providers to learn more about the cars you’re most interested in. The Provider won’t receive any of your personal or contact information until you decide to provide it to them. 

With upcoming website updates, Requesters will be able to see request results they can browse and add to their personal dashboard. Be on the lookout for this functionality in the coming weeks!

What is OneRequest Concierge?

This service officially launches February 1, 2021. OneRequest Concierge has some similarities to OneRequest, but it is slightly different. Requesters complete the vehicle request process. However, instead of seeing immediate search results, your personal Concierge will review your request and immediately begin searching the entire country looking for the best car for you. Want to keep your search local? Your Concierge can meet any requirement you have. You’ll have one-on-one communication with your Concierge, and they will find your car, negotiate the deal, and review the paperwork for signing so your desired car can be delivered right to your driveway or office. This service is perfect for someone wanting the car to come to them without having to lift a finger.

Where are these services located?

Great question! OneRequest is available nationwide. OneRequest headquarters are located in the Kansas City Metro area and we have team members in multiple regions across the United States.  Think we should send team members to your city? Comment below!  

Who will help me through each service?

With OneRequest, you make the request through your own device.  With OneRequest Concierge, you will work one-on-one with your personal Concierge to find your dream car. Your Concierge will be available via text and email to manage your request. 

Is there an additional cost?

There will be a cost associated with OneRequest Concierge.  This cost will directly correlate with the cost of the vehicle you are purchasing.  Jeremy Mummert, OneRequest Concierge customer, shared, “This process took all the stress out. It’s worth every penny to have someone do the work for you, especially if they are going to save that money anyway on the car.” If you have any questions about this cost, we encourage you to reach out via email to

Why should I use OneRequest services over other automotive search and shopping sites?

Although we do our best to be humble, the OneRequest team thinks our platform is the best for a couple of reasons. As a Requester, your personal contact information is protected at all times throughout both services.  You will not receive hundreds of phone calls and sales emails. You are also able to communicate anonymously with Providers or one-on-one with your Concierge about the vehicles that best match your request. You won’t have to spend hours and hours searching across multiple websites to find a vehicle. OneRequest has access to listings from over 45,000 car dealerships in the United States. OneRequest is your one-stop shop for finding your next car. 

Which service is best for me?

 This depends on what you are hoping to get out of the process.  If you’d prefer to not do any of the work, besides submitting a request and signing on the dotted line, our OneRequest Concierge team is here to help.  If you’re looking for a process that allows you to be involved and see search results that fit your exact request but protects your personal information, we recommend OneRequest. 

No matter the location or vehicle, OneRequest makes car shopping easy. Submit your request today! 

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