Press Release: OneRequest Launches Enhanced Platform and Completes Initial Capital Raises

Overland Park, Kansas, [February 15, 2021] – OneRequest, LLC (“OneRequest”) today announced that it launched its enhanced online communication platform at OneRequest now has searchable inventory from over 45,000 car dealers nationwide, while continuing to provide anonymous communication between prospective car buyers and dealers. OneRequest also announced that it raised over $1 million in a February 2021 seed capital offering, after having previously raised substantial equity capital from founders and executive management in January 2021.

“Our enhanced platform is a game changer for the automotive industry,” said Eric Westphal, OneRequest’s CEO and Founder. “Shoppers can search nationwide inventory while maintaining their anonymity during the negotiation process, and dealers regain control over their marketing spend. Everybody wins. I am proud of our entire team who worked tirelessly to rollout the enhancements on a tight timeline.”

OneRequest’s online platform collaboratively brings car shoppers and dealers together. Dealers receive a subscription-free, pay-as-you-go approach for greater cost control, along with verified leads showing free visibility into the full detail of each matching vehicle request. Shoppers can browse nearly all online dealer listings in the United States, unlike most vehicle search sites which only list vehicles from subscribing dealerships. Individuals shopping on OneRequest do not need to reveal their personal information to communicate with a dealership about a vehicle.

OneRequest also announced the launch of its newest service offering, OneRequest Concierge, which provides car shoppers a full-service solution to finding, negotiating, and buying their next car. “The addition of OneRequest Concierge gives OneRequest a full arsenal of car buying services to uphold our mission for the consumer: Car Shopping Made Easy, ” said Westphal. “OneRequest Concierge allows the busy car shopper to save time and remove stress from the car buying experience. You can let our concierge professionals handle the entire process and simply wait for the car to show up at your door, without ever setting foot in an actual car dealership.”

Westphal said OneRequest will use the capital raised to execute on its aggressive growth strategy. During the first half of 2021, OneRequest is expanding beyond the Kansas City market into other parts of Kansas and Missouri, as well as into Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois and Indiana. Nationwide growth is expected over the second half of 2021 and in 2022.

About OneRequest

OneRequest is an online communication platform that connects motor vehicle buyers and dealers. OneRequest is based in Overland Park, Kansas. Visit for more information.

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