OneRequest Concierge Does the Car Shopping for You

Jamie drives around 25K miles a year for his job as a medical device rep. His existing car was getting old, and the mileage was creeping up. Jamie’s eldest son was also going to need a car soon.

It was time for Jamie to think about passing on his car to his son and start shopping for a replacement for himself. The only trouble: Jamie would rather do anything else than shop for cars.

A family friend recommended OneRequest Concierge.  Jamie liked the idea of someone else doing the car buying for him, particularly given the challenging market conditions.

Although Jamie didn’t have a specific vehicle in mind, he did need it to meet certain qualifications: good gas mileage for all the miles he drives annually, space to store all the medial equipment for his job, as well as having enough room for his four kids. 

Jamie’s concierge provided him with several different makes and models within his budget that would check all his boxes.  He was able to narrow down his decision to one vehicle, a Subaru Outback, which had the added benefit of 4×4 capabilities.

Despite the current limited inventory, OneRequest Concierge was able to locate Jamie a brand new 2022 Subaru Outback, thanks to their diligence in searching and contacting dealerships daily.  Not only that, but they were also able to negotiate a great deal under sticker price!

There is no possible way I would find a Subaru Outback in this market that is available for sale brand new because I would not have had the time…. that is the real benefit of OneRequest Concierge because they were constantly looking for that deal”, said Jamie.

Jamie also shared that he appreciated the communication and responsiveness of his concierge. “Every time I called [my concierge] he picked up the phone… he would say what he was going to do, and he did what he said, which was great.  It is really important to me that if you say you are going to do something, that you actually do it.”

Jamie was driving his new Subaru just two days after his concierge located the car.  “My concierge did an outstanding job. It was a really good experience buying the car.”

Jamie says that OneRequest Concierge removes the stress for someone who doesn’t like to buy a car or doesn’t know a lot about cars: “I saved so many hours.  No one wants to spend a ton of their day doing something you don’t like to do, instead of things they really enjoy, like spending time with friends and family.”

OneRequest Concierge is here to make car shopping easy and stress-free.  If you would rather spend your time doing something you enjoy instead of shopping for your next car, let us help negotiate your next car deal.  We’ll save you time and make the car shopping process fun.

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