OneRequest Concierge Finds Cars For Any Budget

Dave engaged OneRequest Concierge to help find him a car that offered the best deal for his small budget of $13k.  With very little free time, he considered the concierge fee worth the investment to find the ideal car.

Although Dave had a vague idea that he might like a Ford Edge, he was open to other suggestions within his budget. Other than wanting a reliable engine, he was flexible on spec levels and trim options.

Dave’s concierge found him a car in about a week that met his requirements – a 2011 Lincoln MKX, a more luxurious version of the Ford Edge.  Dave was thrilled since it was a much nicer vehicle than he thought he might end up with! 

Dave estimated he only spent 2 hours on the car buying process, between calls and texts with his concierge, and inspecting the vehicle. This is twelve hours less than the industry average of 14 hours.  That’s a lot of time saved!

Dave told us he was “super, super happy” with his whole experience, and was grateful he didn’t have to do much himself.  He left this lovely review for us:

“Worked great for me. I just didn’t have time or expertise to focus on acquiring a car and OneRequest has both. Very happy with my new (to me) wheels and have peace of mind that it’s a good car at a fair price. Easy to work with and even kind of fun!”

Dave also let us know that he appreciated how OneRequest Concierge is willing to work with someone who only has a small budget.  Thank you, Dave, for the kind words!  OneRequest Concierge works with anyone to find their perfect car, no matter their budget. 

OneRequest Concierge is here to take the hassle out of car shopping. We work with any budget and will scour the country to find the right car.

We’ll save you time and make the car shopping process fun. 

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