May 2022 New Cars on the Block

The weather warms up and so does the automotive landscape! Lots of new offerings this month from BMW and Toyota! What catches your eye?

Best Cars for Class of 2022 Graduates

Here’s our list of new vehicles that offer the best financial incentives for 2022 graduates, and which come with first-class safety and technology features.

Making Sense of Dealership Speak – Car Buying Terms You Need To Know

Be prepared for the next time you enter a dealership with our glossary of common car buying terms.

April 2022 New Cars on the Block

2022 continues with the announcement of new electric vehicles, and a few revisions and cool options to existing makes and models.

Ricky Beach

The team at OneRequest was incredible. They worked very hard to find the exact kind of car that we were looking for. The whole experience was above and beyond what we expected. I never dreamed that purchasing a car would be this easy. I would highly recommend working with the team at OneRequest.

Guide to Buying a Car Out of State

Buying a car out of state can be a good way to get hold of a model that’s thin on the ground, or to pick up a bargain. This guide sets out the extra steps you need to consider.

Tim DeSett

“The Concierge fee is more than worth it for the peace of mind that I got the best deal, the time savings, the ease of the buying process, and having an advisor by my side. The OneRequest Concierge service is a different level of experience.” 

Joanne Lien

“Very professional and great to work with such competent staff. They listened carefully to what we were looking for and scoured the country to find the car we wanted at the best price! They did all the searching and leg work for us without us having to go through a dealer and give out allContinue reading “Joanne Lien”

Tanner Ronning

“I couldn’t have been happier with OneRequest Concierge and the experience provided! Easily the most convenient and stress-free way to purchase a vehicle. My personal concierge handled all the paperwork and negotiations and was even on the phone with me while signing to make sure they didn’t try to upsell me on anything I didn’tContinue reading “Tanner Ronning”

Marco Illardi

“OneRequest Concierge found us a vehicle that fit our needs in one of the toughest markets to buy a new car. Most dealers were asking for a price that was over sticker, OneRequest found a dealer that was willing to sell the car at a fair price. I not only saved on the price butContinue reading “Marco Illardi”