Android Auto vs. Apple Car Play

Vehicle manufacturers continue to integrate your smartphone into your time in the driver’s seat. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are the two big mobile players in the space. How do they compare to each other?

Gone But Not Forgotten

Today we say goodbye to the cars that left the production line in 2021. Can you hear Taps playing softly in the background? (cc: A Christmas Story).

Explained: Popular Vehicle Body Types

Like us humans, vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. If you don’t self-identify as a car person (pro tip: if you aren’t sure, then you don’t), you may get a little lost in the nuanced differences between common body types.

Throwback! Iconic Cars Through the Decades

From guttural muscle cars to quiet and airy EVs, a variety of cars have dotted the auto landscape over the years. In honor of Throwback Thursday, the OneRequest team compiled a list of notable models through the decades.

Charging Forward: These Manufacturers are Going Electric

The OneRequest team compiled a list of notable brands planning to go all electric, along with some other exciting EV announcements.

Automotive Seller’s Marketplace Makes Car Selling Easy

Selling your car can be even more overwhelming than buying a car. This free-to-use platform is the perfect solution for individuals looking to sell their car.

EXPLAINED: Automotive Industry Inventory Shortage

Why is there an inventory shortage? What is a semiconductor anyway? Never fear! OneRequest is here to help you navigate the automotive shortage and shop smarter, not harder.

Retro Cars Strike Back

It seems like nearly every manufacturer is bringing back at least one iconic(ish) model from the past. OneRequest put together a list of some notable veterans coming out of retirement to storm onto the automotive scene.

BUSTED! Are These Automotive Myths or Facts?

Sometimes it seems like the automotive industry is riddled with myths. OneRequest is here to BUST, and confirm, some notable automotive myths.

Top 5 Vehicles for Class of 2021 Graduates

For Class of 2021 graduates, we rounded up the top five new vehicles on the market for you. These vehicles won’t break the bank, but still provide top-notch safety and technology features.