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“I had a great experience using the OneRequest concierge service.  In such a challenging car buying market, it was great to have an expert in my corner to locate viable options and negotiate both the new car purchase and my trade-in.  They helped me get the best deal possible and saved me a ton of time by putting in all the legwork on my behalf.  OneRequest was a valuable partner in my car buying process!”

What Paperwork Do I Need to Buy a Car?

Shopping for a car, taking a test drive, and picking out your perfect trim level can be an exciting time. However, the paperwork needed to buy the car is generally the less than thrilling part of the process.

Knowing what paperwork to bring with you to finalize the purchase of your new or used car will save you a lot of time and aggravation. Let’s take a look at the documentation you’ll need to make your car-buying trip go as smoothly as possible.

6 Items Needed to Buy a Car
  1. Form of Payment 
  1. Driver’s License 
  1. Proof of Residence 
  1. Proof of Income 
  1. Insurance Card 
  1. Title/Registration for Trade-in 
1. Form of Payment 

You can choose to pay with a check and avoid all payments entirely or take out a personal loan.  

There’s also the option to finance through the dealership. You can supply the down payment through a trade-in vehicle or personal check.  

2. Driver’s License 

You can’t buy a car without first proving who you are. With your driver’s license, you show that you legally drive on America’s roads.  

The driver’s license also serves another purpose. If you are paying by check, the ID proves that you are the same person listed on the account.  

3. Proof of Residence

Your driver’s license helps to prove where you live, but some dealerships want more. Be prepared to show utility bills or other mail from your address, such as a property tax bill or bank statement. 

Some people choose to bring their mortgage or renter’s agreement since this would prove you live where you say. Ask the dealership what documentation is preferred at that location.  

4. Proof of Income

If you are leasing or financing through the dealership, you may need to show proof of income.  Gather your bank statements and pay stubs to prove you can afford the vehicle. 

5. Insurance Card 

You can’t drive on America’s roads without insurance.  

Bring a copy of a valid insurance card with you to the signing. If you don’t have insurance yet, you can call while you are at the dealership and get signed up immediately. The insurance provider will email the information to the dealership for you. 

In some states, car owners can make the insurance transfer from the old vehicle to the new one in the few weeks after the car is purchased with a temporary insurance card. 

6. Title/ Registration for Trade-in

If you plan to trade in a vehicle, you’ll need to have the title in hand to prove you are the owner. If you have a loan on the car, you might not have the title, but you will need to contact the lienholder to talk to the dealership you are working with.  

You also need to bring a copy of the trade-in vehicle’s current registration. 

Registering Your Vehicle 

After you have purchased your new vehicle, there are a few other things you need to do to make your new car legal to drive in your home state.  This may vary from state to state, but for the most part, you need to ensure the car is titled, registered, and the sales tax paid. 

Titling can be taken care of at the dealership, and oftentimes so is the sales tax, but registering the new car at the DMV is up to you. 

To register the car, you will need a copy of the Bill of Sale received from the dealership which is used to determine how much you need to pay in sales tax or show the Sales Tax Receipt if already paid.  

With OneRequest, you can access the inventory of 45,000+ dealerships to find the new or used car you are dreaming about.

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March 2022 New Cars On The Block

Q1 closes with a few fresh faces! 

2023 Aston Martin V12 Vantage 

2023 Aston Martin V12 Vantage

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage will return in 2023 for one more round of V12 fury.  With 333 scheduled to be built with a snarling 5.2L twin-turbo V12 under the hood, this will likely be Aston’s V12 swan song and one of the last vehicles produced in this wonderful configuration.  With a revised chassis, a mechanical limited-slip differential (replacing the regular Vantage’s e-diff), and a standard body kit, we are happy to see it and sad to see it go at the same time. 

2023 Ford F-150 Rattler 

2023 Ford F-150 Rattler

Further adding to the crowded F-150 line-up, the Rattler will be available on 4×4 base XL trim levels and is intended to attract those who want to off-road on a budget.  It will include a number of FX4 goodies including the electronic locking differential, hill descent control, HD shocks, and a number of skid plates protecting the undercarriage.  It will also receive dual exhaust. To make the most of the required engine options. 

2023 Maserati Grecale 

2023 Maserati Grecale

Maserati’s take on a compact luxury crossover is here!  This new sub-Levante will come standard with turbo four-cylinder power, optional turbo V6 power, and eventually full electric capability in the Grecale Folgore.  It is a rather handsome vehicle, with enough ground effects to give it the proper look.  Expect it to go on sale later this year with the Porsche Macan in its crosshairs. 

2023 Mazda CX-50 

2023 Mazda CX-50

Designed to slot alongside but not replace the similarly sized, powered, and looking CX-5, the CX-50 will appeal to those looking for a slightly longer, lower, and wider automobile.  It’s interesting that they will be offered together. 

2023 Mercedes-Benz G550 Edition 550 

Mercedes-Benz G550 edition 550

After a small hiatus as Mercedes worked out some kinks with its V8s, the G Wagen is back!  And with it, a limited edition called the Edition 550.  It will be offered in three colors (Jupiter Red, Arabian Grey, & Moonlight White) and will have special badging as well as a black grille guard and fender flares.  200 are scheduled to be built. 

In Other News… 

Polestar 02 Concept

Polestar has dropped one of the most visually striking cars of the past year.  The O2 is currently just a full-size concept, but with full EV underpinnings from the current 2 and upcoming Polestar 5 models, it is entirely possible that the O2 could enter production, but likely without the drone that debuted with it. 

Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept

Audi has also teased us with an amazing new concept: the A6 Avant e-tron.  Building off the success and popularity of its existing e-tron cars as well as the RS6 Avant, the eTron could be the future of performance electric wagons.  That it’s a full-size wagon and not a miniature is something that makes us even more excited.  Here’s hoping Audi has the audacity to bring it into production, and then also stateside. 

2022 Bentley Bentayga Space Edition

The 1-of-1 bespoke 2022 Bentley Bentayga Space Edition takes a “normal” Bentayga Speed and adds a few solar-themed goodies, including solar system door sills, orange accents in the interior to mimic dust trails and a special Cypress exterior paint.  It’s truly a work of art, outlandish but also restrained. 

Stellantis “Hurricane” six-cylinder engine

Stellantis has a new six-cylinder on the way!  Codenamed “The Hurricane”, it will evoke memories of the Mopar Slant-6 of yore, while adding twin turbochargers.  At three liters, it is similar in size and configuration to many German offerings, but it is expected to make more than 400hp/450lb-ft when it debuts.  An even stronger High Output version is said to follow with 500+ horsepower and 475+ torques for use in heavy-duty truck applications where towing is required. 

Do these new releases have you thinking about a new car? Use OneRequest!  With access to millions of new and used cars listings nationwide, there is no need to shop elsewhere.  Our search and shop platform also allows you to inquire anonymously about vehicles. (That’s right – you won’t have to worry about overwhelming sales calls and emails.) 

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Prominent Women in Automotive History

As we celebrate Women’s History Month at OneRequest, we highlight some of the many accomplishments that women have given to the automobile world.

Bertha Benz
Bertha Benz

Shortly following the invention of the automobile by Bertha’s husband Carl, who finished the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen only after she contributed some of their wedding money, she took it upon herself to help with marketing.  The horseless carriage had been around for two years and was failing to really gain the interest and trust of the buying public.  Keep in mind that most roads were still dirt and navigation aids and street signs were not commonplace yet.  One day, Bertha decided to prove to the world how useful the Benz could be, and drove over 100 kilometers from Mannheim to Pforzheim, stopping along the way to fix various engine components with items like hatpins and garters.  Her voyage is, to this day, considered the first road trip!  

Margaret Wilcox

The preliminary days of motoring were exciting but often unpredictable as a result of open cabins and no climate control.  That was until Margaret Wilcox decided that motoring in winters could stand to be more enjoyable.  November 28th, 1983 marked the day that her patent was approved, and was the first to be issued in her name, not her husband’s.  The 1929 Ford Model A was the first mass-produced vehicle to be offered with heating. 

Mary Anderson
Mary Anderson’s illustration of her 1903 patented “window cleaning device.”

In 1902, while riding a trolley car in bad weather, Mary noticed that the driver was struggling to see through the windshield and was constantly getting out to wipe it clean. Certain there was a better way, Mary set out to make what we know as the first windshield wiper blades.  With the help of designing assistants, she produced the first working model and was granted US Patent Number 743,801 in 1903 for a “Window-cleaning device” for automobiles and other vehicles “for removing snow, rain, and sleet from the glass in front of the motorman.” The device involved a swinging metal arm attached to a window that was manually controlled by using a handle inside a car.

However, it wasn’t until 1920 after her patent had expired and the automotive industry had evolved that windshield wipers based on Mary’s basic design were fitted as standard on many cars.

Juliane Blasi & Nadya Arnaout

These designers were responsible for the exterior and interior of the second-generation BMW Z4 that debuted in 2009.  Marking a significant departure from the Chris Bangle era of flared surfaces, the E89 was a return to elegance and swooping lines.  The car debuted at the 2009 North American Auto Show in Detroit and quickly racked up several design awards including the 2009 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA), the 209 Eyes on Design Award for best production vehicle, the 2009 Red Dot Design Award, and the Scottish Drop Top of the Year Award 2009.  By the time production ended in 2016, over 118,000 had been built. 

Volvo Design Team

Swedish manufacturer Volvo made some noise in 2002 when it introduced the Your Concept Car, a design study that was the culmination of a ten-woman team “targeting the most demanding premium customer: the independent, professional woman.”  An ergonomic masterpiece, the car featured many stylistic and functional attributes that ultimately found their way into Volvo production cars.  Furthermore, the Volvo brand has made an effort to include a diverse design team to this day that still includes as much minority representation as any in the workplace. 

Susanne Quandt

As the daughter of Herbert & Johanna Quandt, investors responsible for the literal turnaround of the BMW brand, she is a nearly 20% shareholder in the company and the wealthiest woman in Germany with an estimated worth of $23.4 billion.  To this day, she maintains a supervisory role in the company as well as a few subsidiaries related to the automobile industry.  

Pioneering Women in Racing History

It would be remiss of us if we didn’t also mention the women who’ve changed motorsports. Here are a few female drivers who’ve followed their dream, and stirred up the racing game for the better:

First driver to race Le Mans – Odette Siko – June 21, 1930 

First F1 driver – Countess Teresa de Filippis – May 18, 1958, Monaco Grand Prix 

First NASCAR driver – Sara Christian – June 19, 1949 (NASCAR’s first race) 

First Daytona 500 Entrant – Janet Guthrie – 1977 Daytona 500 

First Indianapolis 500 Entrant – Janet Guthrie – 1977 Indy 500 

First Top Fuel Driver – Shirley “Cha Cha” Muldowney – 1973 

AWD vs. 4WD vs. FWD vs. RWD: What’s the Difference?

A car’s drivetrain is a sophisticated system that helps power the wheels with the energy coming from the engine.  The type of drivetrain will determine how well the car accelerates, how fuel-efficient it is, and how well it can handle under different driving scenarios. There are four main drivetrains to consider when buying a new car. Let’s take a look at the differences between them.

What is Front-Wheel Drive?

Front-wheel drive (FWD) is used on many cars, small SUVs, and crossovers. Power from the engine is sent to the front wheels, which pull the vehicle down the road. The back wheels don’t receive any power with this system.

Because a FWD vehicle is lighter, you can expect better fuel economy. This system also allows for decent traction in mildly slippery conditions because the engine weight sits over the front wheels. With all of the equipment located in the front, there’s also no need for a drivetrain hump inside the cabin which allows for flat floors in the back seat.

What is Rear-Wheel Drive?

Rear-wheel drive (RWD) is another form of two-wheel drive, working opposite of front-wheel drive. This system sends all of the engine power to the rear wheels, pushing the vehicle where it needs to go. When you accelerate, the weight gets transferred rearward, helping to boost some traction in dryer conditions.

RWD usually has a more even weight distribution, resulting in better handling and balance. It can also increase towing capability and payload capacity, which is why it’s often offered as standard with pickup trucks and featured in max towing configurations.

What is All-Wheel Drive?

All-wheel drive (AWD) is found on a variety of vehicles, from SUVs to sports cars. In this configuration, the drivetrain will supply power to all four of the wheels at the same time. As one wheel begins slipping, the other three have the ability to step in and help.

The majority of all-wheel-drive systems deliver power evenly to the front and rear axles, but some more sporting brands bias the power to the rear to contribute to handling and sport characteristics. Furthermore, many current AWD systems use electronic torque vectoring to sense which wheels to send power to successfully complete driving maneuvers.

What is Four-Wheel Drive?

You will find four-wheel drive (4WD, 4X4) offered on many of today’s SUVs and trucks. 4X4 vehicles generally offer the benefits of four driven wheels with some added functionality of driver selection. The default mode in many of these systems is rear-wheel-drive, with a lever or button enabling four-wheel-drive. Furthermore, a number of full-size trucks and more off-road centric vehicles like Toyota’s 4Runner offer their 4X4 systems with a transfer case, allowing further gear reduction and manipulation of engine power to access steep grades and even more traction-limited situations.

Which type will you choose for your next car? With OneRequest’s proprietary search feature, you can filter results by AWD/4WD, FWD, and RWD, as well as fuel type, fuel economy, and number of engine cylinders, to find the car that meets your requirements. Search for your new car with OneRequest today!

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Out-of-State Car Shopping Is Effortless With OneRequest Concierge

Mike had been looking to purchase a replacement for his wife’s existing Lincoln S.  Specifically, he was looking for a Lincoln Continental with a light interior and a 4-cylinder engine. However, despite extensive shopping online and calling dealerships, he had yet to find what he wanted.

Luckily for Mike, he found out about OneRequest Concierge.  After submitting his request via the Concierge website, he had a short conversation with his assigned personal Concierge to put the wheels in motion.  Mike liked that he could hand off the car search to a knowledgeable and impartial expert.  He also liked the idea of having someone “on his side” to guide him through the car buying process, particularly given the likely need to widen his search area beyond his home state of Texas – something Mike had not considered due to his lack of knowledge about buying out of state.

Even in the current low-inventory market, OneRequest Concierge was able to quickly find Mike a vehicle matching his requirements.  Within 48 hours, Mike received an email from his Concierge, Brett, with a link to a used 2020 Lincoln Continental with a light beige/tan interior, located in Ohio.  After months of looking himself, Mike was thrilled that OneRequest was able to find one so quickly.  Not only that, but it was also $4,000 under retail price! 

Brett gave me the confidence, based on the comps on the vehicle, that it was a good price, and having reviewed the Carfax report, talked to the salesman, and viewed a video of the car, that the car was how it looked online.”

With all the information that Brett provided, Mike decided to move quickly to secure the vehicle and to arrange the necessary financing from his credit union.  In the meantime, Brett reviewed all the paperwork and contracts so that when Mike arrived at the dealership, all he needed to do was sign and pay.

Mike’s wife has had her Lincoln Continental for a few weeks now and couldn’t be happier.  Mike said the whole experience was great and that the fee is worth it, telling his friends on Facebook that: “Brett is professional, personable, and friendly. It is my opinion that the Concierge fee is a minor expense that took a lot of stress off the process of trying to locate the car we were looking for.  OneRequest, based in Overland Park, KS is a service provider that I recommend and will plan to use in the future.” (Dear Mike’s friends, We are happy to help you find your next car – just submit a Request!)

If you’re searching for a specific vehicle, look no further.  OneRequest Concierge has an expert team ready to help you find your perfect car.  Submit your Request at

February 2022 New Cars On The Block

2022 continues to impress with new offerings and exciting announcements! 

2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale 

Alfa’s sub-Stelvio crossover is set to arrive for the model year 2023.  While specs have not yet been released, photos from Stellantis group show the exterior styling to be handsomely Alfa, only on a smaller scale.  We expect pricing to start in the $30k range. 

2023 Audi A8/S8 

Audi’s flagship sedan gets a little facelift for 2023.  Now featuring a standard S Line package, slightly bigger grille, and redesigned rear lighting. 

2023 BMW 8/M8  Coupe/Convertible/Gran Coupe 

BMW’s flagship cruiser slash pavement pounder 8er is getting a refresh for the model year 2023.  Now featuring a 12.3-inch center infotainment screen to match the identical gauge cluster, the 8-series will also get a standard illuminated grille and five new colors including the awesome San Remo Green.  The M8 instead will offer the ///M only Isle of Man Green, first seen on the current M3/M4 models.  Production for the 2023 model years will start in March 2022. 

Ford Bronco Everglades 

Whether or not you were comfortable reciting the differences between the six trim levels available for the Bronco in 2022, Ford is adding another: the Everglades.  To complete the spectrum of off-road readiness, the Everglades starts with a four-door Sasquatch and adds a snorkel, Warn winch, and 35” mud-terrain tires for those interested in visiting Shrek.  Pricing starts at $54,495 and we expect the added adventure gear on this model to be wildly popular.  We also hope that Ford can catch up with the demand for these Broncos! 

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe 

The 4xe line continues with the Grand Cherokee.  Like the Wrangler, the GC is a plug-in hybrid capable of 25 miles of pure electric range and 470 miles of combined range.  Prices start at $58,095 and are eligible for up to $7500 in tax credits. 

Lincoln Corsair PHEV 

As the second plug-in hybrid offering from Lincoln, the Corsair joins the Aviator to further expand the portfolio of vehicles for environmentally conscious people, or those who can sneak to work and back in under 28 miles.  Just like the Aviator PHEV, the Corsair PHEV is the top dog trim level and starts at $51,485. 

Mercedes-AMG EQE 

As Mercedes trickles its all-electric technology down from big to small, so does its AMG department with their hot rodding.  Those familiar with the more powerful, more aggressive, and more emotional development of a standard Benz product will immediately recognize the upgraded cosmetic components.  Underneath, AMG-specific battery packs with up to 677 horsepower. 

Porsche Macan T 

Intended to bridge the gap between the base Macan and the V6 S, the Macan “T”ouring will feature certain exterior elements in black and Agate Grey, and an interior with T-exclusive pinstriped seat inserts and a GT sports steering wheel.  With pricing from the low-$60k range, we expect this Macan to be a performer. 

Gordon Murray T.33 

Oh, how we love this automobile!  Speaking to the inner-most sanctum of our automobile-loving souls, the T.33 is the more “attainable” younger brother of the T.50.  A naturally aspirated V12 revving to over 11,000 rpm is attached to a six-speed manual transmission.  Prices start at a cool $1.85m. 

Toyota Sequoia 

Five trim levels will be offered: SR5, Limited, Platinum, TRD Pro, & Capstone.  Two-wheel drive will be standard on all models with 4WD optional (4WD standard on TRD Pro models).  Colors will include some classics like Wind Chill Pearl, Midnight Black, and Smoked Mesquite…but recent fan favorites such as Army Green, Lunar Rock, and the 2022-23 TRD Pro-specific color of Solar Octane will also be offered. 

In Other News… 

The 2023 Chevrolet Blazer is getting a 2” bigger touchscreen, standard wireless charging, updated front and rear cosmetics with LED lighting, and a fancy blue interior option on the RS model.  Pricing should stay close to the current $35k base price and close to $50k for optioned out higher trim levels. 

It hurts to hear that Local Motors has shut its doors for the last time.  Their original designs included a 3D-printed car, the Rally Fighter (above), and the fully autonomous Olli trolley.  Fare thee well, Local Motors, and thank you for your impressive contributions to vehicular transportation! 

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus prototype.  That’s the whole story. 

Do these new releases have you thinking about a new car? Use OneRequest!  With access to millions of new and used cars listings nationwide, there is no need to shop elsewhere.  Our search and shop platform also allows you to inquire anonymously about vehicles. (That’s right – you won’t have to worry about overwhelming sales calls and emails.) 

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How to Clean Your Car Like a Pro

Keeping your car clean is about more than just having a good-looking vehicle that shines. It’s also about protecting the car paint and metal components from corrosion and wear. A simple car wash can make all the difference when it comes to prolonging your car’s paint luster. It’s not even difficult to learn how to clean your car as the professionals do.

In this step-by-step guide, we cover everything from the exterior to the interior of your car. With a small amount of time, you can have your car sparkling once again.

How to Clean Your Car’s Interior

Before you start the spray down of the exterior, you want to focus inside. Consider following these steps.

Remove all Trash

It’s difficult to clean anything if there is trash lying around. Start by getting a small trash bag and removing anything in the cabin that doesn’t belong.

Additionally, you should get a basket to pick up items that aren’t trash but shouldn’t be in the car. With a basket on hand, you can place everything inside to go into your home.

Clean Floor Mats

Take the floor mats out to clean them. You can start by banging them together to remove any loose debris.

Next, you want to vacuum the floor mats. Pay close attention to the small crevices of the mat. While you have your shop-vac out, suck up any dirt found in the tight spaces of the vehicle. Get down beside the seats and underneath it where the tracks are.


After you’ve cleaned the tight spaces, run a microfiber cloth over all the surfaces. This is going to kick up even more dust and debris. You will also need to run a specialized cleaner over the upholstery, based on what material it is. You shouldn’t use the same products on cloth as you would leather.

Now, you want to focus heavily on a thorough vacuum job. Move the seats around and get all of the surface areas. Don’t forget to vacuum the upholstery as well.

Clean the Windows

When all else is done, you are ready to take on the auto glass. With specialized cleaner or with a mixture of vinegar and water, you want to spray down all of the glass.

Wipe it clean until there are no more streaks. If you have a sunroof, you want to clean that as well.

How to Clean Your Car’s Exterior

With a clean interior, it’s time to tackle the outside. Here are some basic steps to follow.

Give it a Scrub

Fill up two buckets with water. In one, you want to include some of your car wash solution. Use your car wash mitt to apply the soapy mixture to your vehicle.

Clean Tires

Use a special tire cleaner to get the black rubber looking its best. You can also get rim cleaner to get that wheel sparkling.

If you are having trouble getting into every crevice and cleaning off the brake dust, use a wheel brush. It helps you reach tight spaces.

Rinse the mitt in clean water often to avoid scratching the paint with debris. Once the car is washed, you want to rinse it off in this order: roof first, hood next, rear portion of the vehicle before rinsing each upper side and ending with the lower half.

Focus on the Paint Surface

You have several options when it comes to making the car shine and keeping it protected. First, you want to remove any small nicks or scratches to the surface.

You can do this with a buffing tool on the end of a power drill or with a comprehensive auto scratch repair kit. Once you are done with this step, it’s time to wax and polish. Stand back and admire your amazing work.

Keeping Your Car Clean

If you want to spend less time washing your car, it helps to keep it clean in the first place. Here are a few tips to consider.

  • Empty the trash often. When you get out of the car, take your trash with you. If something doesn’t belong in the car, don’t leave it there.
  • Protect the interior from your animals. If you travel with your pets, put down a protective barrier before letting them inside.
  • Carry cleaning supplies. If you notice an area that needs a touch-up, you can quickly accomplish it without a full cleaning, as long as you have a microfiber cloth and some cleaners with you.

Even with good practices, you will need to clean your car often. Don’t neglect the value of learning how to clean your car as the pros do. You will be proud of your work and save yourself a lot of money over the professional detail.

Looking to purchase a new ride? Submit your Request here

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Super Bowl LVI Automotive Ads

Every year, those tuning in for the NFL’s biggest spectacle get treated to big-dollar marketing departments aiming for the fence, which is…laughter! Watch through our round-up of our favorite automotive Super Bowl LVI commercials.


One of the first Super Bowl commercials you likely saw this year was that of BMW’s new iX.  With a supporting cast of Salma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger, freshly retired Greek Gods now living in Palm Springs, the iX provides a stylish and eco-conscious way of travel around town, while Zeus uses his electric fingers to change traffic lights. 


Volvo’s electric stablemate Polestar, debuting on TV for the first time, sought to grab attention from the beginning of its voiceless thirty second flick.  Filmed predominantly in grayscale and featuring the handsome No. 2 that has been on sale for almost a year, Polestar hit the nail on the head in true Scandinavian simplicity and elegance.  Promising, in essence, no promises. 

General Motors

Anybody who has enjoyed the Austin Powers series of movies will appreciate the General Motors full minute and a half commercial reprising four originals.  The former #1 most dangerous threat to the world has now been replaced by carbon emissions, and with the help of the team in his EV-il lair, has decided that he must first save the world before taking it over.  His ride of choice?  The new GMC Hummer EV.  GM’s strategy?  Going all EV with 30 EVs on the market by 2025. 


Hyundai’s moment to shine is called “The History of Evolution” and jokingly documents several major milestones in human history, from the cave era to Ancient Greece to turn of the 20th Century.  Hyundai’s stance on the next era is full electric transportation by means of the IONIQ 5, a very futuristic but endearing hatchback. 


Starring Eugene Levy as the protagonist in an action film trailer, Nissan was proud to show off its new Z!  With a supporting cast from across the Marvel film line-up, the fourth-generation Z is the true star of the show. 


Toyota’s “The Joneses” plays on the popular “keeping up with the Joneses” saying and includes Tommy Lee, Rashida, Leslie, and Nick (Jonas…a bit of a stretch).  Following the beginning of Toyota Tundra production in December, Toyota’s marketing department has really been on their A-game recently. 


And perhaps the most heartwarming car commercial of the evening was meeting Robo Dog for the first time.  After seeing a non-Robo golden retriever living a normal life, Robo Dog recognizes a similar opportunity with the owner of Kia EV6 recharging down the street.  Following a chase through town, Robo Dog finally catches up to the EV6 and jumps off a building right as his battery is running out.  He wakes up next to the EV6, plugged in, and with a happy new home in the passenger seat. 

And finally…

As a bonus for Valentine’s Day, Porsche debuted a two minute “Love Letter to the Porsche V8” that is one of the more inspired videos we have seen in a while.  Chronicling 45 years of street and racing history with the V8, the Porsche brand renews their commitment to make it better and more efficient.  We certainly loved seeing the 928, Cayenne, and 918, and look forward to seeing the next Porsche V8 milestone. 

With all this talk of vehicles, head over to OneRequest to request the car of your dreams.!