November 2021 New Cars on the Block (Part 1)

November has seen a flurry of new cars, and we are here to bring you all the info! Scroll through our list and let us know in the comments which is your favorite new release! Here’s our first round-up: 

Audi A8L Horch

While we at OneRequest generally save non-US market cars for a separate post, it just seems likely that this flagship with a resurrected name will eventually make its way stateside.  For now, this Chinese market exclusive is a more luxurious version of Audi’s biggest sedan, with additional badging, pillows, and functionality in the back seat.  The wheels are gorgeous and the name is a throwback to one of the four companies that merged to form Audi, hence the four rings of the logo. 

Hyundai Kona N-Line

With the ground effects of the full-blown N-Line model but the standard turbocharged four-cylinder, the N-Line is definitely a more street-centric version of Hyundai’s N product.  Instead of running hot laps, the N-Line is perfectly happy around town and can be acquired for around $27,000. 

Mazda CX-50

Based on the existing CX-5, this new model adds some light off-road chops to the classic crossover formula.  It’s no secret that Mazda has been stylistically appealing for many years and their design language lends itself well to the more rugged formula that has been sweeping the crossover scene in the past few years.  We can’t wait to see one in person! 

Mercedes-AMG SL

The SL is back!  Now in its seventh generation and internally codenamed the R232, this new car is said to share no components with the outgoing SL and also none with Mercedes’ similar-but-different AMG GT Cabriolet.  It will feature a 2+2 layout for the first time since 1989 and will come standard with all-wheel drive and a return to the soft top (and more luggage space!)  Prices will start just over the six-figure mark. 

Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge 

The latest in their small line-up to get the dark and faster Black Badge treatment is the Ghost.  Featuring a more powerful, 592 horsepower V12 and blackout treatment for the exterior, this car is the answer for what at least a few people asked for and it sure is handsome.  Seeing as Rolls-Royce has already committed to an all-EV fleet in the near future, now is the time to enjoy these stunning handcrafted automobiles in their internal combustion splendor. 

Subaru Solterra 

Subaru’s version of Toyota’s bZ4X will be called the Solterra.  Featuring the same all-electric underpinnings, this partnership will feature AWD (in true Subaru fashion) and handsome interiors to make the commute more inviting.  EVs for the masses! 

In Other News… 

Dodge has announced a new special vehicles program called Jailbreak.  After paying a $995 option charge, prospective buyers can select and combine any of Dodge’s already-available colors and special interior trimmings.  The Challenger Hellcat Redeye also gets a power bump to 807 horsepower. 

Honda has added a new TrailSport trim to its full-size Pilot SUV.  With a bit more ground clearance, 18” black wheels, and meatier tires, this $44,785 entry into the light off-roading segment will carry seven off the pavement with all the ergonomics you expect from the brand. 

Jeep debuted a concept three-row Wrangler at SEMA.  Featuring more than a couple Vista Cruiser / LR Defender vibes, this Jeep seems like only a matter of time before it goes into production. 

How cool is this?!?  A Tacoma extended cab-based camper featuring a shower and kitchenette, Tacozilla looks amazing wearing Toyota’s vintage camper and motorsports colors. 


Did any of these cars spark your interest in a new car? Use OneRequest or OneRequest Concierge to shop for and find your next car!

Ride-Ready Tips For Your Holiday Road Trip

Holiday season is in full swing! According to AAA, an estimated 53.4 million people nationwide will travel for Thanksgiving this year. Are you planning to take a holiday road trip? Whether you’re headed across the country or just across town, check out these tips for getting your ride road-trip ready.

Start with a clean slate

A clean car is a happy car! Your passengers will thank you for vacuuming out dirt, crumbs, and those run-away French fries from your last drive-thru run. Use automotive cleaning wipes and either leather or upholstery wipes to get your ride squeaky-clean and ready to get dirty again. Use glass wipes to clean your mirrors, windows, and windshield. Consider heading to a car wash to make your vehicle shine from the inside out!

Mind the Maintenance

Regular maintenance is always important, but especially critical when you’re planning to drive long distances.  If it’s been a while since your ride has had a good tune-up, consider taking your vehicle to a mechanic for a checkup. You can head out of town with peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and reliable.  If you consider yourself a do-it-yourself mechanic, make a list of components to check. Some important things you should do before hitting the road include an oil change, a fluid inspection, a filter inspection, and a tire inspection.

Take a look at those tires

Before traveling long distances, check the condition of your tires. Try the penny test to check the condition of the tread. Look for strains, bulges, or any other signs of damage. Use a tire gauge to check your tire pressure and add air if needed. Cold weather can impact the pressure of your tires. Check your tire pressure throughout your trip to ensure your tires are inflated to the recommended tire pressure.

Don’t forget the essentials

Make your packing list and check it twice! Not only is it important to bring your signature side dish or your gift for Secret Santa, it’s essential to load your car with any tools and gear you may need in case of emergency. When making your emergency packing list, consider including: 

  • A flashlight
  • Electric phone chargers
  • Bungee cords
  • Pliers
  • A tire jack
  • Jumper cables
  • A tire pressure gauge
  • A first aid kit
  • Warm clothing and blankets
  • An ice scraper

Keep in mind that this list isn’t comprehensive and definitely isn’t one-size-fits-all. Depending on your destination’s climate, some gear may not be necessary for your trip. When mapping out your route, research the weather conditions and take them into consideration when choosing what tools to take with you.  

Taking the time to prepare for your holiday road trip is almost as important as the memories made at your destination. Without the proper preparation, your road trip could be less than cheerful! Follow these tips for a smooth holiday road trip- you’ll be thankful!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thinking about a new car for the holidays? Submit a Request at

Vehicle Technology: Intelligent Driving Aids

It’s 2021 and the world is enveloped in technology!  From active and passive safety to driving aids to work functionality, automakers are loading today’s automobiles with as much tech as possible to make the experience behind the wheel even better.  Let’s look at a few currently available features that are guiding us into the future!

#1 – LED Tail Light Scale (Ford F-150)

Available with the Max Trailer Tow Package, the payload scale and smart hitch utilize the center infotainment screen, the FordPass app, and the four LED bars in the tail lights to let users know the respective weight of payload and trailers.  It’s crazy to think it took 100 years for pickup trucks to incorporate such a technology, and at the same time, it feels revolutionary.  Safe operation mandates working within a truck’s limits, and this takes any guesswork out of the equation.

#2 – Pre Sense Side (Audi A8)

Audi’s current A8 debuted in 2017 and included an amazing piece of safety technology, called Pre Sense Side.  As part of the Pre Sense 360 suite of active safety, Pre Sense Side can predict lateral collisions and raise the suspension up to 3.1 inches within half of a second to make sure that more of the impact is absorbed in the rocker panels and lower doors, where there is more structural rigidity.

#3 – Crawl Control (Toyota)

Toyota’s Crawl Control uses the low-range transfer case and the individual brakes at each corner to modulate speed, with five different speed choices able to be selected via rotary knob on the overhead console.  Offered on more off-road trims of its pickup trucks and SUVs, think of it as an “off road cruise control” that can get you unstuck from mud, sand, and other loose terrain.  Combined with A-Trac, a locking rear differential, and multi-terrain monitor, these Toyotas remain popular amongst the outdoors crowd for their billy-goat abilities.

#4 – Autopilot (Tesla)

Utilizing a host of cameras and sonar devices, Elon Musk’s brainchild started as an “over-the-air” software update and has since been further refined to allow Tesla owners the ability to merely determine a destination, with their car doing all the work to get there.  Autopilot even includes the ability for the driver to send the car off to valet itself.  Autonomous driving is where it is today because of Tesla’s innovation.

#5 – Wade Sensing (Land Rover)

Available on most of its models and in line with the company’s off-road ethos, Land Rover’s Wade Sensing utilizes sensors in the side-view mirrors to inform drivers of the water level front and back.  The display visual makes sure the user doesn’t exceed the limits of the vehicle.  Now everyone can cross rivers!

This list is just a few of the available driving aid features found in cars today. What technology is a must-have for your next car? Find it with OneRequest!

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When Your Time is Precious, Let OneRequest Concierge Do The Car Buying For You.

Zach Traphagan has never enjoyed car shopping, and so when he found out about OneRequest Concierge, he was excited to give it a try. 

Zach is a busy professional with a young family, so his time is scarce and precious. Since he already knew the make and model of the car he wanted to buy—a KIA Stinger—Zach primarily saw OneRequest Concierge as a way to save time and avoid the hassle of searching and negotiating for a car.  In particular, Zach liked the idea of having someone “on his side” doing the car search for him and undertaking the often stressful price negotiations. 

Even in this low-inventory environment, One Request Concierge quickly found Zach’s exact model and trim. His Concierge not only negotiated a great financial deal, but he facilitated the cumbersome, and occasionally confusing, vehicle transaction paperwork on Zach’s behalf.  Zach said the Concierge “took the pressure off” of him, knowing someone else was advocating on his behalf. 

Zach estimated he spent 4 hours of his own time to find and purchase his new car (including a test drive), which is ten hours less than the industry average of 14 hours. The whole process from first contact with OneRequest Concierge to delivery of his car took just one week.

Zach was extremely impressed with the OneRequest Concierge service, noting that his personal concierge went “above and beyond” by saving him money on the price of the vehicle, negotiating a lower interest rate on the loan, and obtaining an extra $1k on his trade-in.  With that in mind, Zach commented that: “The Concierge fee is worth every penny.  The service saves your time and the cost is more than covered by the money saved on the price you pay for your car.

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October 2021 New Cars on the Block

Q4 kicks off with a few new choices for the near future!

Acura Integra

A huge name is to be resurrected in the near future!  Acura’s teaser photo confirms that the Integra will return as a five-door liftback, but all other details are still to be determined.  Will it share a chassis and performance with the also incoming Civic Type R?  Stay tuned!

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Slotting beneath the current Stelvio, the Tonale will bring premium materials and the Italian essence into the small crossover category.  With design cues coming straight from parent company’s hometown of Milan, this sub-$40k vehicle should capture quite the audience when it goes on sale.

2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

To get straight to the point: the world-beating Corvette Z06 is back!  With a starting price of around $85,000, this car will once again threaten the performance statistics of automobiles costing 3-4x its base price.  And with a new flat-plane crankshaft comes serious RPM capability, which should endear itself to the enthusiast’s soul as well.  Get in line now, because we expect these to follow along with their more civilian base model’s waitlists.

Kia Forte

The 2022 Forte touches down with interior and exterior refreshes, a new 10.3-inch screen option, and a few new wheel choices.  The Forte is in a dying breed of small sedans but carries the torch as one of the highest reviewed and fun options in the segment!

Honda Civic Si

The higher performance Si version of the Civic has been announced.  While actually less powerful than the previous version, Honda reassures the buying public that the power is better spread across the rev range…as a result, performance and efficiency will be improved.  The limited-slip differential and 6-speed manual stay as well.  Thank you for that, Honda.

Honda Civic Type R

Above the Si and succeeding the outgoing Type R, we have the first photos of the new top-dog Civic, now in its eleventh generation, looking mean in all its camouflaged glory.  Fans of the brand will immediately notice the spoiler and triple exhaust set-up like the tenth-generation car, but also the new wheels and slightly more mature body styling.  The six-speed manual (!!!) is confirmed when the car goes on sale, sometime in 2022.

Lucid Air Dream Edition

Gorgeous?  Yes.  Powerful?  Nearly 1000 horsepower.  Range?  A not-seen-before 520 miles!  And that’s the “Range” model.  The “Performance” model cranks horsepower to 1111 while still yielding 471 miles.  We can’t emphasize enough how excited we are to see our first Lucid Air, whether one of the $169,000 Dream Editions or one of the base Air Pure models from $77,400.

In other news……

Winnebago has announced six new campers, including the mini Hike 100 Series pictured above.  The icon of Americana’s smallest travel companion weighs 2700 pounds (GVWR of 4200 pounds), allowing almost anything that can be factory fitted with a hitch to be able to tow this behind.  Prices are expected to start in the mid-$20,000 range.

Volvo will update its XC60, S90, V90, and V90 Cross Country models with a Google-based infotainment system, replacing the previous Sensus unit.  As one of the only detractors inside the Scandinavian interiors, Volvo is proving it is listening.

Hyundai will build 1,000 Sonata N Line Night Editions for MY22.  Made to resemble the model found in Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, this Sonata has the performance to match its wicked looks.

Ford’s popular Sasquatch off-road performance package will be available with a manual transmission in 2022.  Following a petition on, Ford has decided to take a chance and give the 12,000+ enthusiasts that signed what they want!  Good news!

Chevrolet Performance has announced its competitor to Mopar’s Hellephant crate motor.  Called the ZZ632/1000, this engine has a dyno tested and proven 1004 horsepower and 876 pound-feet.  It also revs to 7000 rpm and runs on 93 octanes.  It’s exciting to see what kind of hot rods these might end up in recently.

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OneRequest Concierge Handles the Whole Car Shopping Process For You

Andy Klocke’s wife needed a new car.  Her current Toyota Sequoia was getting old in years and clocking up the mileage. 

On a recent vacation, they had rented an Infiniti QX80.  They liked the way it drove, and the safety and technology features it offered and considered it a good replacement for the Sequoia.  However, after spending some time searching for a QX80 on their own, they were not able to find the specific color and trim package they wanted.  That’s when they contacted OneRequest Concierge.

Fortunately, OneRequest Concierge professionals are car shopping experts. Andy’s dedicated Concierge professional searched the country to locate the exact QX80 that checked all of Andy’s boxes: a brand new QX80 with a dark exterior and light interior. The perfect match was located at a dealership in Illinois, some 500 miles from Kansas City.  But distance doesn’t have to be a hurdle with OneRequest’s expertise in handling all logistics.

Coincidentally, Andy was soon to be visiting Chicago, so he was able to take a short diversion to the dealership to view the vehicle prior to purchase.  In the meantime, Andy’s personal concierge set about price negotiations with the dealership to obtain the best available deal for the QX80, and for the trade-in of the old Sequoia.   

Andy said that in communications, his Concierge was “open, transparent, and candid” on the price of the new vehicle, and what the trade-in value would be, and felt reassured that he was getting the best deal.

Since the new vehicle was in Illinois, Concierge also arranged all the transportation for the Sequoia trade-in to the dealership and the shipping of the new car back to Andy’s home in Kansas City.   

All Andy needed to do was to visit the dealership in Illinois to drop off the title for the old Sequoia and to sign the paperwork.  When he returned to Kansas City, the new QX80 was waiting for him.

In all, it took just under three weeks for Andy to take delivery of his new vehicle from first contact with OneRequest, and he estimates that he spent approximately two hours of his own time communicating with his Concierge and signing the paperwork.

The Klockes were keen to let us know that the Concierge experience exceeded their expectations.  They were taken aback at how easy the car shopping process was compared to other websites or trying to shop on their own.  Andy noted that his personal concierge was “thorough, knowledgeable, professional, incredibly responsive, and good at listening to their wants and needs.” 

Andy also commented on the fee for the Concierge service: “Given what we paid for the new vehicle, and what we got for the trade-in, it was well worth it”.  

Looking for a specific make and model but overwhelmed by the process? Want to car shop but hoping to avoid the work? OneRequest Concierge is for YOU! The Concierge team is ready to help you find your new car, handle all negotiations, and answer any questions you might have. Submit your Request at

You Should be Following These Automotive Influencers

If you’re an aspiring at-home mechanic or just looking to fix your ride on a budget, the Internet can be a helpful, but daunting, resource. There are a variety of different influencers online to help you fix your car at home. The OneRequest team has compiled our top picks for automotive influencers you should be following.  

Scotty Kilmer

Scotty Kilmer’s YouTube channel is known as the “most-watched car channel in America.” With over 4.6 million followers and 53 years of experience as a mechanic, you can trust that Scotty is full of reliable knowledge. Scotty Kilmer is a character, to say the least, but he knows his stuff. Not only does he have a YouTube channel he updates daily, but he also runs a website with an extremely active forum. If you have a car question, simply ask the forum. Scotty, or one of his millions of community members, is sure to have the answer.

You can find Scotty’s website at and he is also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube:

Facebook: Scotty Kilmer

Instagram: @scotty_the_mechanic

Twitter: @scottymechanic

YouTube: Scotty Kilmer


ChrisFix, also known as Chris Magello from New Jersey, is a great resource for fixing your ride at home. ChrisFix’s YouTube channel has 8.38 million followers and over a billion views. ChrisFix posts videos for the at-home mechanic looking to fix their car easily and on a budget. Not only does Chris post videos for repair, but he also creates a personal relationship with his subscribers by sharing his personal projects with vlogs and lifestyle content. ChrisFix is all cars all the time!

ChrisFix can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Facebook: ChrisFix

Instagram: @chrisfixit

Twitter: @ChrisFixed

YouTube: ChrisFix


EricTheCarGuy has over 800 videos covering just about anything car-related you can think of. From repairs to modifications, Eric is full of knowledge for the at-home mechanic. His YouTube channel has 1.62 million followers, and his website has a large forum community, blog, and FAQs. Eric has just about every resource you will need to fix your car. If he doesn’t already have what you’re looking for, just ask the community!

EricTheCarGuy can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. He also has a website:  

Facebook: EricTheCarGuy

Instagram: @ericthecarguy

Twitter: @EricTheCarGuy

YouTube: EricTheCarGuy

Thanks to the Internet, learning anything new is easy and accessible. Fixing your car can be intimidating, but Scotty, Chris, and Eric can help you get it done with confidence. These automotive influencers are skilled, knowledgeable, and conveniently available on virtually every social media channel you can think of. You can feel confident in your repairs knowing Scotty, Chris, and Eric have got your back.

Is your ride beyond repair? Use OneRequest to shop for your new ride without all the BS (blatant spamming). 

Autonomous Driving

A Guide to Being a Passenger in Your Own Car 

The year is 2021 and the era of cars driving themselves down the road seems to be just around the corner.  

The Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) has defined six different levels of driving automation from 0-5 in its J3016 standard which serves as the industry’s most-cited reference for automated-vehicle (AV) capabilities. SAE acknowledges that the document is “alive” as we continue venturing into unchartered territory. 

SAE Level 0 – No Automation.  Essentially cars as they have been for the last century.  Driver is in full control of throttle, brakes, and steering.  Certain active safety features (blind spot/lane departure warnings, automatic braking) are included in this category. 

SAE Level 1 – Driver Assistance.  Vehicles in this category will include those which either steer OR accelerate/brake.  New vehicles featuring just adaptive cruise control or lane keeping are Level 1 autonomous, and driver attention at all times is required. 

SAE Level 2 – Partial Automation.  Vehicles in this category will include those which steer AND accelerate/brake.  New vehicles featuring adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping are Level 2 autonomous, and driver attention at all times is required. 

SAE Level 3 – Conditional Automation.  This is the first level that the automobile is in full control and not requiring driver attention IN SOME SITUATIONS.  As it monitors the road and environment, it can determine that other situations require driver input and delegate responsibility back to the driver.  It should be noted that this is considered the last level that, in theory, should require a steering wheel and pedals. 

SAE Level 4 – High Automation.  While the current automobile industry has not yet approved this or higher levels for public road use, Level 4 seems to be intended for minimal human participation in the journey.  It is projected that this level will be popular among ridesharing because it will be geofence capable and may or may not have steering/throttle/brake controls. 

SAE Level 5 – Full Automation.  There are no conditions under which the vehicle can’t drive itself, whether occupied or not.  As the most advanced level of automation, this vehicle will have the capability to take itself and any number of passengers anywhere at any time. 

As the world inches closer to full automation, we are bound to see an increase in safety and efficiency.  Considering the current direction toward electric propulsion, we are guaranteed to see changes in the business scenery as well, from ridesharing to executive travel and even the everyday commute home.  What a time to be alive! 

Let your car handle the driving. Let OneRequest handle the shopping. OneRequest it!

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Do you know how much you want to spend, but not sure what make/model to spend it on? Wondering how to get the best bang for your buck?  Anxious to find a safe and reliant car? 

Finding the car you want can be a daunting task.  OneRequest Concierge is here to help you through the process and remove the typical car buying hassles.

Ryan Sprott had been looking for a ‘first car’ for his 16-year-old son when he found out about OneRequest Concierge.  His son had been borrowing his grandparents’ car to get around on a temporary basis, but with them needing it back, the search was on to find a replacement.  Ryan liked the concept of OneRequest Concierge: a knowledgeable and impartial expert searching for cars and negotiating on his behalf.

After contacting OneRequest, Ryan was called by his personal OneRequest Concierge who, after a short conversation, helped to narrow down his son’s preference to a used truck/SUV.  With budget in hand, Ryan’s Concierge then began a nationwide search for potential options.

Ryan was presented with a few matches early in the process to gauge his interest in various makes and models.  This quickly narrowed Ryan’s search to a used Toyota 4Runner, which contained the most safety and technology/convenience features as their budget would allow.

The best match was ultimately a 2013 SR5 4Runner with 137,000 miles on the clock.  Although initially concerned that the vehicle had too much mileage, Ryan commented that he trusted his Concierge’s judgement.  He said that his personal Concierge was “…super knowledgeable, patient, and very responsive” and was able to provide Ryan the reassurance that a high mileage would be ok for a Toyota, especially since 4Runners are known to be durable cars, and that this model came with a full maintenance history.

2013 SR5 4Runner

Once Ryan confirmed he was ready to go ahead with the purchase, his Concierge undertook the price negotiations to obtain the best available deal and reviewed the paperwork and contracts prior to Ryan going to the dealership to sign and pay for the vehicle.

Overall, Ryan estimated he and his son jointly spent less than 4 hours of their own time on the entire process, including the test-drive.  According to Cox Automotive, car shoppers in 2020 spent an average of nearly 15 hours shopping for a car.  This means Ryan saved over 11 hours of his life! That’s more time for work, family, and fun.

Ryan is grateful to OneRequest for finding him his son’s car.  Although skeptical at first that it would be worth it to find his son’s car, Ryan commented that now he has experienced the Concierge service, “it’s an easy sell” and that he will have “no hesitations in using OneRequest again.”

OneRequest Concierge is here to make car shopping easy. Let us help you negotiate your next car deal. We’ll save you time and make the car shopping process fun. 

Submit a Request at

September 2021 New Cars on the Block

Some late Summer 2021 releases provide a glimpse into the future of personal transportation! 

2022 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 

Let’s start this month off with a bang!  Commemorating 50 years of the original Countach design, Lamborghini has resurrected the name and given it to its new limited production supercar!  Just like the original, every angle is intentional and made to be noticed.  802 combined horsepower from a V12 with electric supplementation are big numbers, as is the $2.64m price.  If you are reading this and want one, you are too late…all 112 to be produced are pre-sold. 

2022 Ford Expedition Timberline 

To kick off a refresh for the 2022 model year, Ford is releasing a more off-road-centric version of its full-size people/gear hauler.  The Timberline trim gets 10.6 inches of ground clearance, an extra inch of track for stability, and a two-speed transfer case underneath for maximum capability where the pavement ends.  Behind the revised front end and above the added body armor, the Timberline has squeezed a bit more power from its 3.5L EcoBoost twin-turbo V6, now up to 440 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. 

2022 Ford Expedition Stealth 

To complement its more rural stablemate, the Stealth will speak to the more urban crowd with black accents and matching 22” wheels.  Featuring the same high-performance EcoBoost V6 as the Timberline, this slightly more sinister people-mover will have the muscle to match its looks. 

2022 Genesis GV60 

To follow-up the wildly popular and in-demand GV70 and GV80, Genesis has committed to offering an even more affordable electric crossover in their line-up.  Expect more details to follow and let’s hope they keep those cool side-view cameras! 

Honda Civic Hatchback 

Honda cannot afford to miss on the Civic, and 2022 will be the first year of the new Civic Hatchback.  Following a year after the sedan, the hatch follows suit on the liftback trend while allowing a bit more versatility and load capacity.  In a surprising move, Honda has committed to a few more years of manual transmission availability, with two of the four trims available with row-your-own fun.  The OneRequest staff is very excited about that. 

2022 Honda Passport TrailSport 

Only slightly late to the party of unibody off-roaders, Honda is adding a TrailSport version of its Passport to cater to buyers who have trail-going ambitions.  A bit taller, a bit more rugged, and a bit more capable sums up the added equipment. 

2023 Mercedes-AMG GT63S E Performance 

Mercedes-AMG has revised their top dog GT four-door coupe for 2022.  By adding a 204 horsepower electric motor, this performance flagship now brings 843 total horsepower and over 1,000 torque to the table.  It is the most powerful car Mercedes has produced to-date, and will be able to drive seven miles on pure EV range. 

2022 Subaru WRX 

Subaru’s tried-and-true compact sedan is entering its second non-Impreza-based generation and bringing the heat!  With nearly as much power as STIs of only a few years past, expect the all-new WRX to debut with a host of standard features, new tech, and the classic Subaru rally-derived AWD system. 

2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness 

Slotting above the Base, Premium, and Sport trims, the Forester Wilderness fills the increasingly popular off-road-ready niche that many buyers are looking for.  At almost an inch and a half taller, the Forester Wilderness includes increased approach/departure/breakover angles and suspension travel via revised suspension dampers.  Finally, the roof has a higher weight rating for rooftop tents and available skid plates complement the trim-specific exterior badging. 

2022 Toyota Tundra 

After a 15 (repeat: FIFTEEN) year lifespan, the current Tundra’s production will end in the next few months as Toyota launches its all-new, better-in-every-way 2022 Tundra.  Bigger, more capable, and tougher…the new Tundra will give up its existing V8 for a twin-turbo V6, available with and without electrification.  Expect double and crew cabs (so long, regular cab!) and trim levels from work truck rugged to living room sophisticated, as well as the return of the TRD Pro with enhanced off-road capability.  Half-ton pickup trucks in America are a segment that manufacturers cannot afford to cut corners on, with perennial 100,000+ sales volumes and exceptionally brand loyal followings.  For that reason, we are excited to see how this truck stacks up in real world testing! 

In other news…..

Acura will offer another PMC Edition for the 2022 model year!  Replacing last year’s awesome Thermal Orange, next year’s hot rod RDX will offer Long Beach Blue and only 200 are scheduled to be made.  They will once again be built alongside the NSX supercar. 

Proving that not all pickups need to be serious all the time, the Ranger Splash is a playful throwback to the 90s Splash appearance package and a nice addition to the seemingly endless combination of available build specifications.  We can appreciate a little fun! 

You can officially buy a Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing!  It may very well be the last V8, rear-wheel-drive sedan with a manual transmission offered.  Ever.  If this is what you’ve been waiting for, now is the time.  If you don’t have $83,995, you might consider…………. 

……..the equally hooligan, but slightly less powerful, CT4-V Blackwing!  With a twin-turbo V6 and a starting price under $60,000, this is a more financially friendly venture into three-pedal bliss.  This car is also for sale now; get one while you can! 

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