Selling your car can be even more overwhelming than buying a car. Do I trust one dealer’s offer? How do I even let the dealer know that my car is for sale? Should I sell now because of the semiconductor shortage? Wait…what’s a semiconductor? That’s why OneRequest created the Seller’s Marketplace. This free-to-use platform is the perfect solution for individuals needing to get a car off their hands and for dealers looking to stockpile reliable inventory.

Jason Reeves had an upcoming move and did not have room to bring along his 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser. He tried selling it for over a month on a variety of popular car marketplace websites: Craigslist, Autotrader, and Facebook Marketplace, just to name a few. As Jason and his family got closer to moving without receiving the offers they expected for the popular Land Cruiser, he realized it was time to enlist professional help.

Jason listed his 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser on OneRequest’s Seller’s Marketplace. The listing included pictures and key information about the vehicle. Jason described the listing process as “super easy and convenient.” OneRequest’s team of car professionals reached out to dealerships on Jason’s behalf to find a great deal and…BOOM! Within one day, OneRequest had helped him sell his Land Cruiser. “I tried to sell it myself for over a month and then gave it over to OneRequest and I think OneRequest had it sold in a day or less than that,” Jason said.

The Seller’s Marketplace provides value to both Requesters and Providers alike. While the automotive industry faces unprecedented inventory issues (shameless plug: check out our recent blog post on the topic, EXPLAINED: Automotive Industry Inventory Shortage), the OneRequest Seller marketplace gives Providers an inventory pipeline and Requesters an easy way to monetize their cars in this frothy market. Jason shared that the Seller’s Marketplace allowed him to sell his vehicle quickly and easily. “It was a great experience from start to finish,” he said.

If you’re like Jason and you have a vehicle to sell, list it on OneRequest’s Seller’s Marketplace. This free tool will make your car selling process easier than ever.