Sometimes it seems like the automotive industry is riddled with myths. Like other urban legends, these myths start with miscommunication, gain steam over time for one reason or another, and often become turbocharged by the technologically driven information age. OneRequest is here to BUST, and confirm, some notable automotive myths. Let’s get into it!

MYTH: All Model Ts were black

False! We’ve probably all heard Henry Ford’s famous quote, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black.” This “myth” was true for a large period of the vehicle’s lifetime due to cost and durability. However, the first Model Ts were available in versions of blue, gray, green, and red. The first black Model T didn’t roll out of the factory until five years into production. From there, Henry Ford decided to take the monochromatic route and only produce black Model Ts. This trend ended right near the end of the Model Ts lifetime, when it was again available in Ford’s versions of maroon, brown and green.

FACT: Cruise control was invented by a blind engineer.

True! His name was Ralph Teetor. During World War II, Ralph worked on a project to develop a mechanism that would allow drivers to maintain one speed during a commute without self-regulation to assist with war rations of gas. The “Speedostat” was first installed in Chrysler luxury vehicles in 1958. A few years later it was renamed to “cruise control,” and road trippers everywhere rejoiced! Thanks Ralph!

MYTH: Red cars get pulled over the most.

This myth isn’t totally bunk, but it is a myth nonetheless. According to a recent study, white cars are in fact the most likely to be pulled over, although this most likely correlates with white being the most popular vehicle color. Red vehicles are the second most likely to be pulled over. In the end, we here at  OneBlog recommend focusing on your driving behavior and speed and not relying on your vehicle color to avoid cops. After all, radar guns are color blind.

FACT: About 65% of Rolls-Royce cars ever built are still on the road.

This is not only true, but incredibly impressive. Rolls-Royce debuted its first vehicle in 1904 and has been available to drivers ever since. With about 65% of all Rolls-Royces still on the road, this shows an obvious testament to the brands dedication to durability and vehicle life span.

MYTH: Electric vehicles are more likely to catch fire.

Nope! Electric cars are no more likely to catch fire than gasoline or hybrid vehicles. In an article from the Seattle Times, studies have shown that electric cars catch fire at the same rate as gasoline cars, if not less often. Electric vehicle fires can be harder to put out due to chemicals and extreme heat build-up in lithium-ion battery systems.

MYTH: I’ll get more gas if I fill up in the morning.

Again, this one is a myth. You’ll get the same amount of gas no matter what time of day you decide to fill up. The rumored theory was that gasoline is denser in the cool temperatures of the morning, therefore you’d get more gas. We are not quite sure where this bizarre rumor started, or how it spread so rapidly, but it’s a myth.

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