Brett and his wife had been thinking about buying a new car for about six months, casually looking now and again at what was around to get an idea on what makes and models they liked. They had a 2008 Toyota that had served them well, but now they were looking to find something new.

Their research helped them to focus in on a couple of makes and models they liked.

However, a young family made it difficult to find the time to get him himself and his wife together to talk through spec options and to make decisions.  

Having also wasted a lot of time visiting dealerships, Brett recognized that he needed help in finding the right car and the right place to get it from.  That’s when he contacted OneRequest Concierge.

With decades of experience in the industry, OneRequest Concierge professionals are well placed to provide guidance on different brands, makes, and models, and Brett's personal concierge was able to help Brett narrow down his preferred vehicle to a Land Rover Discovery:

A huge victory for us was getting independent advice across brands…..and what helped us get to the finish line was hearing an educated opinion on the matter.”

Brett's concierge then searched the country to find the best deal on a Land Rover Discovery in Brett's preferred color and trim level. Ultimately the best match was located in Dallas, TX, which offered the best trade-in value on his Toyota.  Brett had hoped to get around $3k for the Toyota, but his Concierge was able to negotiate $5k, which was a big win for Brett:  “I would have never felt comfortable reaching out to a dealership outside of Kansas City to negotiate a trade-in value.  Just the idea of leaving the state to buy a car is new and you guys certainly made it seem easy in that process.  Helping us get over the comfort factor was worth the fee”.

Brett estimates that he spent under two hours communicating with his Concierge…..“Saving my time was 100% the driver on this.  Being able to whittle down a search from 2000 cars to 4 cars was extremely valuable for me in that I would never have had the patience to do that on my own”.  

Glad we could help, Brett!


Looking for a specific make and model but overwhelmed by the process? Want to car shop but hoping to avoid the work? OneRequest Concierge is for YOU! The Concierge team is ready to help you find your new car, handle all negotiations, and answer any questions you might have. Schedule a free call to get started.