Ah yes, the garage. The place where you park your cars and store everything that doesn’t belong in your house. Bike rack? It’s in the garage. Gardening tools? Check the garage. Extra refrigerator with all the drinks? Definitely in the garage.

So, what about your car(s) you found using OneRequest? When they aren’t out on the road, they live in your garage (or at least they should—make room for the cars, people!). Well, with the rise in popularity of the Home Edit and people like Marie Kondo, coupled with extra time at home during the pandemic, people are taking the time to renovate parts of their home that have been historically neglected. One unique item to renovate? Your garage floor.

Although garage floor coating is an investment, it comes with multiple benefits. It decreases the chance of further wear and tear of your current garage floor by being impact resistant and significantly reducing the absorption of chemicals (say goodbye to oil stains!). It can also improve the overall safety of your garage by being installed with a non-slip finish, decreasing chances of slipping or injury.

OneRequest recently sat down with Greg Slicker, Principal and Co-Owner of Granite Garage Floors Kansas City, to learn all about the garage renovation process.

What is Granite Garage Floors?

Granite Garage Floors was started 14 years ago.  “We saw a need in residential garages for an industrial coating system product,” Greg shared.  There weren’t a lot of solutions available at that time and Greg decided to create a solution and installation system to meet that need. Greg emphasized that garage floor coating requires installation expertise and cannot be applied to every type of floor. Granite Garage Floors now has 14 locations across the country.

What does the garage floor renovation process look like?

This process typically takes two days. Granite Garage Floors will first complete an in-home estimate where the team measures the space and the moisture content of the floor. These two measurements help the team determine the best floor coating for your garage. The actual installation process takes about one day and typically needs another day to solidify. Greg said, “We use a different process than a lot of folks in this industry. We’ve stood by the fact that we like to put down a permanent product, rather than a product that may peel or delaminate over time.” Greg explained that hot tires or the weight of vehicles can lead to peeling on temporary floor coats, which is why Granite Garage Floors installs permanent flooring with a warranty.

What are the steps of installing garage floor coating?

  1. Garage Floor Surface Preparation
  2. First, the team has to prepare your garage floor for coating.  They use diamond floor grinders to create a Concrete Surface Profile (CSP3). This helps maintain the integrity of the coating so that it lasts as long as possible.
  3. Primer & Base Coat Application
  4. The Granite Garage Floor team applies premium primer and base coat.  These products are poured onto the concrete floor and evened out with large rollers.  Your car will definitely look better on a flat surface—nobody wants their car rolling into the house—so this somewhat obvious step is key.
  5. Flake Distribution
  6. Flakes are applied by hand to the wet epoxy.  This provides the look of Granite, Quartz, Stone or Metallic. You’re able to choose from a wide variety of finishes to completely customize your garage.  Yes, you can coordinate your floor colors with your car.
  7. Protective Clear Coat Application
  8. The Granite Garage Floor team seals the flakes in place.  The final coat will have what they describe as an “orange peel” texture.  This enhances traction in the garage and allows for easy cleaning.
  9. Return-To-Service & Cleaning
  10. Now you’re able to move all of you garage contents back in. Yes, this includes your vehicle(s). If they were alive, we just know they’d be excited to see a new floor to relax on.

What’s the coolest garage the team has ever completed?

Greg had a tough time answering this question, simply because he says there’s been too many to count. Granite Garage Floors has had the opportunity to renovate garages for celebrities, local sports stars and hundreds of other members of the Kansas City Metro community.  This doesn’t even include the garages completed by the other 13 locations. “We’ve done a lot of work for celebrities… We’ve done a lot of neat garages,” Greg said. He shared that one of the coolest parts of the job is getting to work with people in their home and help them bring their custom garage dreams to life.

Shopping for a car? Check out OneRequest. It’s car shopping made easy.

Looking to renovate your garage? Reach out to Greg at Granite Garage Floors.