The relentless push for technology, efficiency, power, and speed has given all of us an astonishing selection of vehicles in the marketplace. But that drive for excellence comes with a side effect: model casualties. Today we say goodbye to the cars that left the production line in 2021. Can you hear Taps playing softly in the background? (cc: A Christmas Story).

The Volvo V60

It’s a tough time to be a wagon enthusiast in this country.  While the taller and more rugged version lives on in the V60 Cross Country, the statelier base model will no longer exist for the 2022 model year in America.  Fare thee well, V60!

The Volvo V90

Will it ever stop?!?  Just like its smaller stablemate, the V90 will be discontinued for the 2022 model year, leaving behind its conceptually similar V90 Cross Country sibling to carry the large wagon torch into the future.  As one of the more elegant wagons on the market, we will miss this car.

The Polestar 1

As much a design study as anything else, Volvo’s offshoot electric car sub-brand’s insanely gorgeous and undeniably refined hybrid sports coupe will say farewell after the 2021 model year.  With 1500 built, they will remain rare in the marketplace and important in both Volvo and Polestar’s history for years to come.

The Mazda CX-3

Having been essentially replaced by its slightly bigger CX-30, Mazda’s cute ute will take its final bow after five years of production.

The Mazda 6

As the current Mazda 6 leaves the market, word on the street is that it will be replaced by an Inline-6, RWD platform sedan on new chassis architecture intended to take the model and the marque upmarket.  As handsome as the last of the current generation is, we are truly excited to see the replacement!

The Toyota Avalon

For nearly 30 years, the Avalon has been sold in America as Toyota’s flagship luxury sedan.  It will be laid to rest after five generations following the 2021 model year.  We are happy it went out with a bang by means of the TRD version.

The Hyundai Veloster

Affordable, fun, and quirky.  The Veloster, in all trims except the top dog N performance model, departs the US market after the 2021 model year.  It will be remembered as “the car with three doors” and will present a good value in the pre-owned market for years to come.

The Toyota Land Cruiser

As the rest of the world anticipates the all-new, next-generation Land Cruiser 300-series, the Land Cruiser will leave the US market permanently after the 2021 model year.  It has been a staple of the those demanding no-compromise, go-anywhere needs.  As a favorite of the OneRequest staff, we predict their build quality and longevity will keep demand and prices of well-maintained pre-owned examples very high for years to come.

The PowerStroke Diesel V6 in the Ford F150

While F150 production has only been slowed by the current microchip shortage, Ford has decided to quietly and unceremoniously pull the plug on the 3.0L PowerStroke turbodiesel V6 engine in mid-July.  With their new EcoBoost V6 hybrid powertrain in the spotlight, the added complexity of offering a diesel option hasn’t proven successful enough to continue.  For those looking in the used truck market, the one-year only 14th generation F150 with this engine presents an underrated value proposition of power and efficiency.

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