David needed a replacement car after his last one was totaled. He hoped to find the same car again, an early (2006-2008) Buick Lucerne sedan, but was open to other options of a similar style.

After a few weeks of searching on his own and not finding what he wanted, and with the need for a new car becoming more critical, David came across OneRequest Concierge online. He was intrigued by the concept of a car buying service and decided to call us to find out more.  

David spoke highly of his initial call with a member of our Concierge team: “When Brett and I first spoke, I immediately felt confident that he knew the industry, listened carefully to my needs, and was determined to find the best vehicle for me.“

David’s personal concierge set to work immediately.  An extensive search and numerous calls to dealerships nationwide, returned several options which met David’s specifications and budget. “He did an outstanding job of locating vehicles, communicated continuously, and was with me every step of the way. His expertise and advice were beyond helpful. “

One of the vehicles, a 2005 Lexus ES330 caught David’s eye.  The photos, vehicle maintenance history, and price made it worth a trip from Illinois to Kansas City to test drive the car.  Plus, the Lexus came with all the features he was looking for, and more!  

David left the test drive feeling good about the vehicle and wanting to purchase it. His Concierge took it from there handling all the price negotiations and obtaining and reviewing the paperwork to close the deal.  

“My concierge found me a car that I’m very happy with and was well within my price range. That alone, plus all the time and energy he saved me by researching, making inquiries, and arranging meetings on my behalf was well worth the concierge service fee. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the OneRequest concierge service in the future.”


David is one of our many happy customers across the country who have used OneRequest Concierge.  If you want to save yourself the time and headache of finding your next car, ask us to do the car shopping for you!  Get started with OneRequest Concierge today.  We are confident you will become a raving fan!