With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift.  If you know someone who spends a lot of time in their car, we’ve put together some suggestions that could make their time behind the wheel safer, more comfortable, or simply more enjoyable.

Here’s our round-up of car-related gifts:

Gift ideas for the commuter

For those who spend a lot of time in their car for their daily commute, or driving long distances for their jobs:

  • Mobile office – Working from the road can be tough.  Improve the productivity and comfort of their mobile workplace with a car desk.  It makes for a great place to send a few emails, organize files, or even eat lunch!
  • Clothes hangar – Keep their jackets and shirts wrinkle-free with an expandable bar that attaches to the overhead handles or garment hooks on the back seat.
  • Diffuser – Freshen up the air and lift their mood while they drive with this on-the-go, relaxing aromatherapy experience, designed to fit in car cup holders.
Gift ideas for the Mom-wagon

Moms spend a lot of time in their car shuttling kids back and forth.  And with kids come snacks, drinks, toys, books, sports gear, devices, chargers.  Help Mom keep the car tidy with these in-car organizers:

  • Car organizer – Easily installed and removed when not needed, a back-seat organizer helps keep everything from tissues, bottles, phones, drinks, and food securely organized.
  • Trunk organizer – A collapsible bin helps sort everything from groceries to sports equipment to beach gear, keeping everything in its place.
  • Car tray – This tray easily attaches to the steering wheel providing the perfect surface to type on a laptop, enjoy lunch, or write notes, while waiting in the school pick-up line, or watching sports practices.
Gift ideas for the pet lover

Car trips are not the same without our furry friends.  These suggestions make traveling with our pup that much easier:

  • Seat protector – Pet lovers can bring their muddy, hairy, slobbery pup along with them without worrying about dirty seats or a scratched interior.
  • Dog ramp – For our older furry friends or ones with mobility issues, a ramp will make getting in and out of the car that much easier.
  • Dog car seat – Dog booster seats and car seat carriers will keep their pup safe and secure on their next ride in the car.

Gift ideas for the neatnik

The car-detailing enthusiast will enjoy spending time making their car look like new with these:

  • Detailing kit – Help them keep their ride clean with a detailing kit that includes items such as car wash, wax, microfiber towels, glass cleaner, and tire shine.
  • Portable Vacuum – A small portable vacuum to keep in the car will suck up dog hair, crumbs, dust, and any drive-thru disaster in an instant.
  • Carwash membership – A monthly subscription will keep their car shining all the time.
Car décor gifts

For the car-owner who likes to personalize their ride:

  • Headlight Eyelashes – Add some extra personality to the exterior of their car with these cute headlight eyelashes.
  • Bedazzled Accessories – A rhinestone steering wheel cover or rear-view mirror will bring a lot of joy to those who love to sparkle!
  • Ambient Light Kit – Switch up the interior ambiance and make their ride more enjoyable!  Interior light kits will illuminate their car under the dashboard, seats, or footwells in multi-color or single-color options.  
Car safety gifts

You want to keep your loved ones safe on the road, especially teens and new drivers.  These gifts are must-haves for their car:

  • Roadside emergency kit – In case of a minor accident or mechanical failure, a kit that includes jumper cables, tire repair, flashlight, and first aid supplies will come in handy until help arrives.
  • Heated Ice Scraper – Get that stubborn ice and snow melted quickly with a heated ice scraper that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter.
  • Car escape tool – While wishing they never have to use one, kitting out their car with a safety hammer will mean they can smash the window with its hard tip, or cut the seatbelt with its razor-sharp blade, in an emergency situation.

Do any of these car-related gifts fit the bill? Perhaps a new car is something they need instead?  If so, give OneRequest a try – with over 3 million cars listed on our website, they are sure to find a car that suits their budget.