Have you ever searched for a car online, only to end up overwhelmed and wishing someone else would do it for you? That’s how Steven Motton felt. He spent months searching for a very specific BMW and wasn’t having any luck. After stumbling across OneRequest online, he decided to give OneRequest Concierge a try.

Steven liked the idea of someone else searching and negotiating on his behalf, especially since he works hours outside of a typical 9-5. When he was researching on his own, his work hours limited productive communication with dealerships, creating a major pain point. With OneRequest, Steven simply submitted his BMW Request, and had a short conversation with his personal Concierge to put the wheels in motion.  “OneRequest made it easier for me,” said Steven. He worked, while his Concierge car shopped on his behalf.

Steven’s Concierge completed a nationwide search and presented him with options.  After Steven selected a sweet 2015 BMW 5 Series, his Concierge negotiated and organized transportation for the vehicle. Steven has had his new ride for a few weeks now. He couldn’t be happier. “I’m lost for words on how beautiful of a vehicle [the Concierge] found for me. I didn’t expect it to be that high quality. It’s an absolutely beautiful vehicle.”

2015 BMW 5 Series

Steven said the Concierge did a great job of keeping him involved and communicating any updates.  He was grateful that his Concierge worked around his schedule, instead of the other way around.

Steven shared that he developed an excellent rapport with his Concierge, which only improved his car shopping experience. He felt comfortable asking questions, openly communicating, and discussing next steps as the process moved along. “I feel like I’ve got a friend,” Steven said. Throughout the car shopping process with OneRequest Concierge, your personal Concierge is there to help YOU. Whether that be sorting through matches to find the best vehicle or simply answering your questions. Our Concierge professionals will do whatever it takes to earn your trust.

Enlisting the help of OneRequest Concierge allowed Steven to go to work without worrying about searching for a vehicle or missing an important message from a dealer. “OneRequest Concierge for sure helped me in my car shopping process.” Steven shared that the electronic paperwork and one-on-one review with his Concierge didn’t take more than 30 minutes of his time, resulting in massive time savings.

Steven is thrilled with his new BMW. “OneRequest Concierge did what it said it was going to do: find me a vehicle. I’m happy.”

Are you looking for a solution to your car shopping struggles? Our Concierge team will work with your schedule to help you find your next car. Don’t hesitate to submit a Request with OneRequest Concierge.