Andy Klocke’s wife needed a new car.  Her current Toyota Sequoia was getting old in years and clocking up the mileage.

On a recent vacation, they had rented an Infiniti QX80.  They liked the way it drove, and the safety and technology features it offered and considered it a good replacement for the Sequoia.  However, after spending some time searching for a QX80 on their own, they were not able to find the specific color and trim package they wanted.  That’s when they contacted OneRequest Concierge.

Fortunately, OneRequest Concierge professionals are car shopping experts. Andy’s dedicated Concierge professional searched the country to locate the exact QX80 that checked all of Andy’s boxes: a brand new QX80 with a dark exterior and light interior. The perfect match was located at a dealership in Illinois, some 500 miles from Kansas City.  But distance doesn’t have to be a hurdle with OneRequest’s expertise in handling all logistics.

Coincidentally, Andy was soon to be visiting Chicago, so he was able to take a short diversion to the dealership to view the vehicle prior to purchase.  In the meantime, Andy’s personal concierge set about price negotiations with the dealership to obtain the best available deal for the QX80, and for the trade-in of the old Sequoia.  

Andy said that in communications, his Concierge was “open, transparent, and candid” on the price of the new vehicle, and what the trade-in value would be, and felt reassured that he was getting the best deal.

Since the new vehicle was in Illinois, Concierge also arranged all the transportation for the Sequoia trade-in to the dealership and the shipping of the new car back to Andy’s home in Kansas City.  

All Andy needed to do was to visit the dealership in Illinois to drop off the title for the old Sequoia and to sign the paperwork.  When he returned to Kansas City, the new QX80 was waiting for him.

In all, it took just under three weeks for Andy to take delivery of his new vehicle from first contact with OneRequest, and he estimates that he spent approximately two hours of his own time communicating with his Concierge and signing the paperwork.

The Klockes were keen to let us know that the Concierge experience exceeded their expectations.  They were taken aback at how easy the car shopping process was compared to other websites or trying to shop on their own.  Andy noted that his personal concierge was “thorough, knowledgeable, professional, incredibly responsive, and good at listening to their wants and needs.”

Andy also commented on the fee for the Concierge service: “Given what we paid for the new vehicle, and what we got for the trade-in, it was well worth it”.  

Looking for a specific make and model but overwhelmed by the process? Want to car shop but hoping to avoid the work? OneRequest Concierge is for YOU! The Concierge team is ready to help you find your new car, handle all negotiations, and answer any questions you might have. Submit your Request at