OneRequest Concierge, our newest service, provides our customers with a premium, individualized car shopping experience. It’s easy: you submit your motor vehicle request, and then sit back while your personal Concierge handles the entire process—for a fee. Combining OneRequest’s software with good old fashioned elbow grease from our hardworking Concierge professionals, OneRequest Concierge canvasses the country for matching vehicles.  

Perhaps you are asking yourself: “Is OneRequest Concierge really worth the investment?”

According to Jeff Dillon from Kansas City, the answer is an unqualified “Yes!” The OneRequest Concierge team recently sat down with Jeff to learn about his experience.

Jeff is a busy commercial real estate developer with a young family, which leaves him little time to spend on things like hassling with an expiring car lease.  Like many of us, Jeff does not enjoy the traditional car shopping process. Jeff wanted to avoid a lengthy and involved car leasing transaction, so he engaged OneRequest Concierge.

Jeff requested a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude. A few days after submitting his request, Jeff’s Concierge delivered multiple vehicle options. The best option was a local 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude in Billet Silver Metallic. Although Jeff’s Concierge ultimately found a match locally, the nationwide search provided Jeff comfort in knowing that the local option was truly the best vehicle for him.

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude

The Concierge scheduled a test drive for Jeff, explaining the Concierge service to the dealership. Jeff test drove the car and was not asked for his contact information during the test drive, which he described as “huge.” Jeff is now happily situated in his new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

As for time saved? Jeff estimated he spent approximately 1.5 hours of his own time during the process, including his test drive. According to Cox Automotive, car shoppers in 2020 spent an average of nearly 15 hours shopping for a car. This means Jeff saved over 13 hours of his life! That’s more time for work, family and fun.

Although skeptical of the OneRequest Concierge value proposition at first, Jeff clearly saw it by the end.  He described OneRequest Concierge as “efficient and professional”, “easy to use” and “worth the investment.” He also said: “the hassle [OneRequest Concierge] saves you is significant.”

Jeff shared that he was extremely satisfied with his OneRequest experience. Jeff encourages other car shoppers to use OneRequest and consider OneRequest Concierge. “I would encourage it. It saves a lot of time and effort on the consumer’s part. [OneRequest Concierge] exceeded my expectations.”

If, like Jeff, you’re in the market for a new vehicle but want to avoid the typical car buying hassles, check out OneRequest Concierge.  It’s car shopping made easy!