Who do you call when you’re looking for a hard-to-find luxury sedan? OneRequest Concierge! Jeremy Brann was looking for a specific vehicle but was left with little time to dedicate to car shopping after work. One day, Jeremy stumbled upon OneRequest’s Instagram account.

“I wasn’t looking for this service, but as soon as I clicked on it and read what you guys do it kind of sounded like what I wanted,” said Jeremy.

Many people aren’t aware that car concierge services even exist. Jeremy told us, “I didn’t know there was such a thing as concierge car shopping services.”

Jeremy browsed the OneRequest site and decided to give it a try. After submitting his Request, Jeremy was contacted by his personal Concierge. Jeremy knew the specific type of vehicle he was looking for and communicated that to his Concierge. Jeremy liked that he could provide his desired specifications and conditions and then hand off the car search to his Concierge. He thought to himself, “This is perfect, this is exactly what I want.”

His Concierge set up searches to find available 2001-2003 Jaguar XJs in a few trim levels. “I wouldn’t have thought of that,” Jeremy said.

Jeremy described himself as a car nut and is very familiar with car shopping sites. He was impressed that his Concierge knew of even more resources using OneRequest’s extensive search abilities. “This immediately broadened the reach of my search and took all of the effort out of it,” said Jeremy.  

Jeremy shared that he appreciated the regular updates on the search from his Concierge. Jeremy enjoyed being involved without having to do the work. “I didn’t want to completely remove myself from the process,” he said. The Concierge team works with each Requester to determine the best means of communication.

Jeremy’s 2001 Jaguar XJR

Jeremy’s Concierge presented him with options on a regular basis that met his Request criteria. After a few weeks of searching, Jeremy selected a 2001 Jaguar XJR at a great price point with low mileage. “It’s a great looking car,” Jeremy said. “As soon as my wife saw it, she said it really is a great color.”

Jeremy has had his car for a few weeks now and couldn’t be happier. He shared that OneRequest Concierge increased his confidence in the likelihood of getting a good result while simultaneously decreasing the effort on his part.

“The experience was great.” Jeremy even told his friends, “If you’re shopping for a car, I would highly recommend it. It was super easy and really helpful.” (Dear Jeremy’s friends, We are happy to help you find your next car – just submit a Request!)

If you’re searching for a specific vehicle, look no further. OneRequest Concierge has an expert team ready to help you find your perfect car. Submit a Request at www.onerequest.com/concierge.