Whitney needed a car, but she knew nothing about car buying. She had been looking at cars for about a month but realized she needed someone on her side, to help her through the process.  So, she turned to Google to search ‘personal car shopping service’ to see if something like that was available.  That’s when she learned about OneRequest Concierge.

Whitney wanted someone who would provide recommendations on the best vehicles for her budget, vet the vehicles for any issues, and help her through the paperwork.

Luckily OneRequest Concierge provides all of that and more.  Whitney said that her personal concierge was phenomenal: “….very responsive, very thorough, very personable, and trustworthy” and that he gave her the confidence that he would protect her interests during the price negotiation process.

Although Whitney had no specific make/model in mind, she knew she wanted a crossover/SUV body type, and with that in mind, Whitney’s concierge quickly set to work to find options that would meet her needs.

Whitney said that the OneRequest Concierge service “took out all the guesswork” of buying a car. She said she was particularly grateful that the confusing purchase agreement was all handled by her concierge and that all she had to do was sign it.

The whole process took just seven days.  Whitney engaged OneRequest Concierge on a Saturday and was driving her ‘new-to-her’ car, a 2011 Nissan Murano, the following Monday.

Whitney is keen to tell others about her experience with OneRequest Concierge and to recommend the service.  Not only did the service exceed her expectations, but she also commented that she learned a lot about the car buying process and some of the questions to ask: “I’ve become a smarter consumer about the car business, which I think is a really valuable benefit”.

With decades of experience in the automotive industry, our Concierge Pros know all the tricks, hidden fees, and market trends, and they’re in your corner. Submit your request at www.onerequest.com/concierge