Mike had been looking to purchase a replacement for his wife’s existing Lincoln S.  Specifically, he was looking for a Lincoln Continental with a light interior and a 4-cylinderengine. However, despite extensive shopping online and calling dealerships, he had yet to find what he wanted.

Luckily for Mike, he found out about OneRequest Concierge.  After submitting his request via the Concierge website, he had a short conversation with his personal Concierge to put the wheels in motion.  Mike liked that he could hand off the car search to a knowledgeable and impartial expert.  He also liked the idea of having someone ‘on his side’ to guide him through the car buying process, particularly given the likely need to widen his search area beyond his home state of Texas –something Mike had not considered due to a lack of knowledge of buying out of state.

Even in the current low-inventory market, OneRequest Concierge was able to quickly find Mike a vehicle matching his requirements.  Within 48 hours, Mike received an email from his Concierge, Brett, with a link to a 2020 Lincoln Continental with a light beige/tan interior. After months of looking himself, Mike was thrilled that OneRequest was able to find one so quickly.  Not only that, but it was also $4,000 under retail price!  

Brett gave me the confidence, based on the comps on the vehicle, that it was a good price, and having reviewed the Carfax report, talked to the salesman, and viewed a video of the car, that the car was how it looked online.”

With all the information that Brett provided, Mike decided to move quickly to secure the vehicle and to arrange the necessary financing from his credit union.  In the meantime, Brett reviewed all the paperwork and contracts so that when Mike arrived at the dealership, all he needed to do was sign and pay.  

Mike’s wife has had her Lincoln Continental for a few weeks now and couldn’t be happier.  Mike said the whole experience was great and that the fee is worth it, telling his friends on Facebook that: “Brett is professional, personable, and friendly. It is my opinion that the Concierge fee is a minor expense that took a lot of stress off the process of trying to locate the car we were looking for.  OneRequest is a service provider that I recommend and will plan to use in the future.” (Dear Mike’s friends, We are happy to help you find your next car – just submit a Request!)



If you’re searching for a specific vehicle, look no further.  OneRequest Concierge has an expert team ready to help you find your perfect car. Get started with a free call with one of our Pros.