Unabashedly taking a page from movie studios’ obsession with recycled IP, it seems like nearly every manufacturer is bringing back at least one iconic(ish) model from the past. From the Ford Bronco to the Chevrolet Blazer, several retro vehicles are making their way back into the spotlight in 2021. As always, OneRequest is here to keep you updated on all things automotive (and cool and retro). Here are a few notable veterans coming out of retirement to storm onto the automotive scene.

Ford Bronco

How could we NOT mention the iconic Ford Bronco? The first generation of the Ford Bronco released in 1966. The popular Sport SUV had five generations before being replaced by the Expedition in 1996. Fans love the SUV’s rugged looks, youthful agility and smooth ride. For years, Bronco enthusiasts begged Ford to bring the popular SUV back. Ford finally revamped the beloved Bronco in 2020. The new Bronco pays homage to its original build—minus those sweet whitewalls—and is impossible not to love!

Volkswagen Bus

The first VW Microbus was available in the United States in 1952 and remains an iconic representation of the groovy 1960s, social change and the hippie movement. Drivers loved the low maintenance and spacious interior. Some loved it so much they lived in it! Though the VW Bus has not been sold in the United States since 2003, the last Volkswagen Bus was produced in 2013 in Brazil…until now. The new ELECTRIC Volkswagen Bus (now named the ID.BUZZ) is set to begin production in 2022 and will hit US markets in 2023. Will the ID.BUZZ echo its ancestor and be an engine of social change as the automotive market shifts towards a more eco-friendly future?

Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra initially ran from 1979 to 1998. The Supra began as an extension of the Cecilia and later became a stand-alone model in 1986. The Supra was the “common man’s sports car.” After its starring role in Fast and Furious, the Supra became a sensation. After several years of teasing, Toyota released a new model in 2019. Toyota vowed to create a Supra that honors the legacy of the original and pleases the fans. We think the new 2021 model does just that!

Honda Passport

Fun fact: The original Honda Passport was just an Isuzu Rodeo with slight modifications. The Honda Passport, which was Honda’s first SUV, was sold from 1994 to 2002. The Passport got the ball rolling for Honda’s now vast offering of SUVS. The Passport made its triumphant return in 2019 and is a pillar of Honda’s current SUV offerings. Both the original Passport and the new are designed for adventurers. Even with its sleek new look, the 2021 Honda Passport honors the outdoorsy, ruggedness of the original.

Chevrolet Blazer

The first Blazer was released in 1969 to compete with the Ford Bronco. The original model had a full-size pick-up frame, giving it a much roomier interior than its competitors. In 1999, Chevrolet released the Trailblazer trim package as a spinoff from the Blazer, and the Trailblazer eventually morphed into its own model in 2002. (Wait…what’s the difference between a Blazer and a Trailblazer? Bonus points if you send us an answer on social media). The first run of the Chevy Blazer ended with the 2006 model, but it returned in 2019 with a whole new look and attitude. What was once a rugged SUV is now a sleek crossover!

Though they may look a bit different, these models are back and ready to roll! The best part about them? You can find them here! Which retro vehicle is your favorite?