Jenny was in the market for a new car and had spent a few months researching what that new vehicle might be, visiting some dealerships and sitting in a variety of cars to narrow it down to her preferred choice: a Toyota Rav4.

However, as a highly desirable car, with limited inventory, many available Rav4’s are listed with large markups over MSRP, or already sold before they arrive on the dealer’s lot. Frustrated by the situation, Jenny was fortunate to hear from a colleague about the positive experience they had using OneRequest Concierge to find their own car.

I was done trying to find it [the car] myself.”

During the initial consultation with Jenny, her personal concierge discussed the various features and options available on the Rav4 to identify Jenny's preferred trim style, exterior and interior colors, and the options that would be a deal-breaker, as well as budget.

Based on market knowledge, her concierge then set about contacting those dealers known for their best pricing to find an available or soon to be delivered Rav4 that matched her specifications.

In this market, perseverance and patience is the name of the game, and Jenny’s concierge struck upon a Rav4 at a dealership in Omaha, NE, that matched the features Jenny was looking for, along with some bonus ones.  Plus, he was able to secure the car at MSRP.

Jenny was thrilled. It might have taken three weeks to find, but Jenny commented: “The most valuable part of the service for me was locating the car and locating it at the most competitive price.”

Her concierge took it from there obtaining and reviewing the paperwork and arranging the logistics of getting Jenny's trade-in to Omaha, and the Rav4 back to Kansas City.  

There was no real effort on my part. I maybe spent a couple of hours on emails and phone calls.”

On her concierge experience, Jenny reflected:

My concierge called around every single dealership in the KC metro and the states adjacent to Missouri to find a dealership that was offering the vehicle I wanted without the additional fees.  Just doing that paid for the OneRequest concierge service as most of the dealerships were adding a couple of $1000 in markups.


Tired of searching online car listings, calling dealerships to hear 'its no longer available', or seeing vehicles marked up over MSRP? OneRequest Concierge is for YOU! The Concierge team is ready to help you find your new car, handle all negotiations, and make the car shopping experience as stress-free as possible!  

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