Every year, those tuning in for the NFL’s biggest spectacle get treated to big-dollar marketing departments aiming for the fence, which is…laughter! Watch through our round-up of our favorite automotive Super Bowl LVI commercials.


One of the first Super Bowl commercials you likely saw this year was that of BMW’s new iX.  With a supporting cast of Salma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger, freshly retired Greek Gods now living in Palm Springs, the iX provides a stylish and eco-conscious way of travel around town, while Zeus uses his electric fingers to change traffic lights.


Volvo’s electric stablemate Polestar, debuting on TV for the first time, sought to grab attention from the beginning of its voiceless thirty second flick.  Filmed predominantly in grayscale and featuring the handsome No. 2 that has been on sale for almost a year, Polestar hit the nail on the head in true Scandinavian simplicity and elegance.  Promising, in essence, no promises.

General Motors

Anybody who has enjoyed the Austin Powers series of movies will appreciate the General Motors full minute and a half commercial reprising four originals.  The former #1 most dangerous threat to the world has now been replaced by carbon emissions, and with the help of the team in his EV-il lair, has decided that he must first save the world before taking it over.  His ride of choice?  The new GMC Hummer EV.  GM’s strategy?  Going all EV with 30 EVs on the market by 2025.


Hyundai’s moment to shine is called “The History of Evolution” and jokingly documents several major milestones in human history, from the cave era to Ancient Greece to turn of the 20th Century.  Hyundai’s stance on the next era is full electric transportation by means of the IONIQ 5, a very futuristic but endearing hatchback.


Starring Eugene Levy as the protagonist in an action film trailer, Nissan was proud to show off its new Z!  With a supporting cast from across the Marvel film line-up, the fourth-generation Z is the true star of the show.


Toyota’s “The Joneses” plays on the popular “keeping up with the Joneses” saying and includes Tommy Lee, Rashida, Leslie, and Nick (Jonas…a bit of a stretch).  Following the beginning of Toyota Tundra production in December, Toyota’s marketing department has really been on their A-game recently.


And perhaps the most heartwarming car commercial of the evening was meeting Robo Dog for the first time.  After seeing a non-Robo golden retriever living a normal life, Robo Dog recognizes a similar opportunity with the owner of Kia EV6 recharging down the street.  Following a chase through town, Robo Dog finally catches up to the EV6 and jumps off a building right as his battery is running out.  He wakes up next to the EV6, plugged in, and with a happy new home in the passenger seat.

And finally…

As a bonus for Valentine’s Day, Porsche debuted a two minute “Love Letter to the Porsche V8” that is one of the more inspired videos we have seen in a while.  Chronicling 45 years of street and racing history with the V8, the Porsche brand renews their commitment to make it better and more efficient.  We certainly loved seeing the 928, Cayenne, and 918, and look forward to seeing the next Porsche V8 milestone.