2021 was a year full of exciting new releases and updates to existing models.  There were a number of models that we consider more than just new, and significant enough to be featured as the entries you should be aware of as we start 2022.

#1 – The Ford Bronco

Following its debut and initial reservations list in mid-2020, the Bronco finally dropped in 2021 and was immediately the most coveted new car.  Collectors and enthusiasts alike were spending $50K+ over sticker price on First Edition models, and even more basic trimmed examples were (and still are) commanding premiums.  With its six different trim levels, 2/4 door configurations, optional manual transmission, numerous options and hundreds of accessories to individualize, it isn’t hard to see why this vehicle was 2021’s rock star.

#2 Audi e-tron GT

Sure, the architecture-sharing Taycan beat its Audi stablemate to market by a year, but the e-tron GT hit the ground running with standard Quattro and a compelling design.  It makes the list because unlike the Taycan, it can be purchased immediately and at sticker price in the current market.  With 238 miles of range and 5-80% charging times of around 22 minutes, this (barely) sub-$100,000 entry shows the future of premium electric vehicles.

#3 – Genesis GV80

Hyundai’s luxury Genesis brand has been making noise in its respective price categories for half a decade.  They have taken all the right steps: hiring top design and engineering talent from competitors, listening to feedback, and offering a ton of value.  The GV80 arrived in 2021 with handsome styling and a base price of under $50,000.  Safe to say we are not surprised it was met with renowned acclaim and has been one of the most popular vehicles of the year.  We are excited to see what else Genesis has up their sleeves!

#4 – Ford Maverick

As trucks have gotten bigger and more capable, they have left a gap in the entry-level size market.  Not anymore.  The Maverick debuted in 2021 with unibody architecture, standard hybrid powerplant with 40+ mpg capability, and a base price under $20k.  Practical is the name of the game…especially for those needing utility but not wanting to drive a behemoth down the road.  The price point is attractive enough for budget shoppers to open their considerations to mini pickup life as well.

#5 – Polestar 2

To round out our list, we think it’s appropriate to include Volvo’s electric offshoot.  The Polestar brand combines the best of crisp Scandinavian design with attractive pricing and 100% electric sustainability.  With prices under $40,000 after federal tax credits, the Polestar 2 is a noteworthy addition to the growing list of more traditionally styled electric sedans.

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