Tim had spent countless hours searching online for the car he coveted: an Audi e-tron GT.

Being a new, high-performance electric vehicle, inventory was in high demand and not readily available. Tim had no luck finding a dealership with the Audi e-tron and began considering delaying his search until 2022…until a friend told him about OneRequest Concierge.

As a busy professional, Tim was excited to learn about the service provided by OneRequest Concierge – someone doing the work for him, saving his time and the hassle of negotiating the price of the new vehicle and his trade-in.

Tim said the Concierge experience exceeded his expectations. After completing his Concierge request on the website, he was promptly called by his personal concierge who explained what he would be able to do to find the car and the challenges they might encounter trying to locate such a unique and highly desirable vehicle. Tim found his concierge to be professional, passionate, and an expert in the car business.

Throughout the search process, Tim’s concierge provided concise communication and information to help Tim with his car buying decision. Tim commented on how much he valued the clear and easy to understand worksheet he was provided that set out all the options, different price points, and trade-in value.

Despite the limited inventory, OneRequest Concierge was able to locate Tim the exact Audi e-tron and trim in about a week and a half. Their expertise and knowledge enabled them to track down an Audi e-tron that was in the process of being traded from a dealer in Wisconsin to another in Omaha, before it came available for sale to the public.

Tim is sure he would not have found the car without OneRequest Concierge: “I don’t believe I would ever have gotten the car he found me on my own”.

Tim estimated that his involvement in the car buying process was just short of 2 hours, not including the trip to the dealership to pay and pick up the car. That compares with the industry average of 14 hours to find and buy a car!

Tim considers ‘peace of mind’ the most important benefit of the Concierge service. He expected the service to save him time, but the value to Tim was the expertise of his Concierge. His concierge was a true professional consultant, working on his behalf, walking him through every step of the process, and being very transparent about pricing. Tim says the Concierge fee is more than worth it for “the peace of mind that I got the best deal, the time saving, and the ease of the [buying] process by having an advisor by my side. The OneRequest Concierge service is a different level of experience.”


Tired of browsing tons of car listings, and not finding what you want? OneRequest Concierge is for YOU! The Concierge team is ready to help you find your new car, handle all negotiations, and make the car shopping experience as stress-free as possible!  

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