What a year 2021 was! Between the chip shortage and lack of inventory, the car market was as crazy as any year on record. But the industry marched forward and the search for cars continued! Let’s recap on the most popular vehicle searches of the year!

Here are the top 5 OneRequested vehicles of 2021:

#1 – Ford F150

It should come as no surprise that the F150 sits at the top. As the best-selling truck for 45 years straight, the F150 is also the new sales king of the automobile world. The 14th (fourteenth!!!!) generation F150 was hot off the press for model year 2021 and debuted a number of class leading features like trailer scales, powertrain options like the PowerBoost hybrid, and new trim levels like the just-announced Tremor. We don’t see its reign ending any time soon!

#2 – Ford Mustang

Featuring a number of engine and transmission combinations, retro-modern styling cues, and a thousand different paint and trim individualization options, the Mustang is still in high demand today! It’s a rolling slice of Americana in the 21stcentury.

#3 – Chevrolet Colorado

There’s a revolution happening right now in the truck world as most of the committed brands are offering mid-size versions of their popular half-ton pickups. Navigating tighter city streets and sipping less fuel are among the pros, and Chevrolet even offers a cool diesel option in their Colorado. We are big fans!

#4 – Ford Escape

In the extensive lineup of Ford SUVs and crossovers, the Escape proved to be the most popular in our search results this year. Featuring gas/hybrid/plug-in drivetrains and a handsome exterior, the Escape also gifted us the underpinning of the equally popular Bronco Sport model.

#5 – Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 continues to garner attention and rounds out our top five! Featuring their AutoPilot technology and several different power levels, the Tesla brand has a decade lead in mass-producing EVs for public use. With their innovation and ability to recreate the rules, we always look forward to their new debuts and technologies.

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