With COVID travel and gathering restrictions, everyone is itching for a new way to find adventure.  One of these "new" adventures is refreshingly retro: road trips. Road trips get people out of the house in a socially distanced way, and many common road trip destinations involve outdoorsy, wide-open spaces, making them the perfect pandemic vacation destination. Plus, with the proliferation of in-car wifi, people can work and learn remotely from the comfort of their own vehicle.

In 2020, mobile transportation companies saw huge upticks in sales. The RV Industry Association shared that shipments of RVs reached their highest monthly total in June 2020 since October 2018.  Due to COVID, Airstream closed its manufacturing plant from March to May 2020, expecting that closure to reduce 2020 sales by 70%. In reality, in 2020 Airstream set a record for sales since the company first started keeping track in 1980. One thing we learned during the pandemic: Americans yearn for and will find adventure.

Americans also love giant trucks.

America, meet TruckHouse. TruckHouse, America.

TruckHouse is a new company that turns Toyota Tacomas into a literal house on a truck (TruckHouse, get it?) called the BCT. OneRequest had the chance to sit down and chat with Nelson Rudolph, Chief Marketing Officer of TruckHouse, to learn more about the new expedition vehicle.

Nelson shared that the small TruckHouse team met thanks to a combined interest in adventure, cars and taking the road less traveled. The idea of the TruckHouse BCT came from the CEO’s previous experience updating and rigging a 1987 4x4 SunRader. TruckHouse was founded in 2019 and started taking reservations for the BCT in early 2021. The first customer's BCT will be delivered in July 2021, and thereafter TruckHouse expects to deliver a new BCT truck every few weeks.

We do need to be honest: the BCT ain't free. The TruckHouse BCT is an investment similar to a home—it isa House, after all. The introductory base price of a TruckHouse is $285,000. But before you fall out of your seat, remember that this includes brand-new Toyota Tacoma plus a house (which is manufactured at the TruckHouse facility). TruckHouse strives to make a high-quality product that will last for years and years. “We want to outlive Tacoma’s, which is really hard to do. Those things are on the road forever. By isolating the house from the vibrations of the road we’re able to extend the life and the quality of the house, for forever hopefully,” Nelson said. See below from the TruckHouse website:    

OK, enough specifications above, let’s get into the fun part: the interior and exterior of the BCT. As the TruckHouse website puts it the BCT is “built like an offshore racing yacht on a trophy truck.” Um, yes please. The TruckHouse team has enhanced the Toyota Tacoma chassis with oversized all terrain wheels, re-geared differentials, a boxed frame, gusseted spindles and reinforced cam tabs. We know what most of that means, but let’s just say this vehicle is ready for anything! The BCT comes with a 3-point locking entry door, electric entry step and an automatic awning. Adventurers can also add a torsion free mounting system and a 10-speaker weatherproof sound bar for jamming out while on the road.

Let’s talk interior. Although pictures of the interior haven’t been released yet, we can already see the greatness. The TruckHouse BCT interior features a cabover queen bed and a rear dinette full bed. Yes, that’s right, two beds. “We don’t cut a single corner,” Nelson said.  The sides are lined with 7 safari-styled dual paned windows to take in all the views, plus a skylight to star gaze. The kitchen features a galley sink, convection oven/ microwave, and a marine grade drawer fridge and freezer. What’s the bathroom situation? Well, drivers can expect their very own wet bath with a cassette toilet. When you’re ready to just hang out after a day of driving or adventuring, you can climb from the truck cabin into the BCT. From there you can dim the LED house lighting and watch your favorite show on a 32” LED TV. Last, but not least, the BCT has 12v air conditioning and luxury vinyl flooring which can be upgraded to heated floors, allowing for maximum comfort. Nelson said, “We deliver both on price and quality. No one comes close on the quality of the interior of the vehicle.” We agree!

So, who is reserving a TruckHouse BCT? Nelson said that TruckHouse is currently receiving large interest from outdoor enthusiasts, professional athletes, and cross-country traveling families. He also shared that so far, customers are extremely interested in living and being part of the TruckHouse brand. He hopes that those relationships continue for years to come.

This is a one-of-a-kind expedition vehicle that we had to share with our automotive fans. In comparison to competitors, Nelson shared that the TruckHouse BCT is half the cost and half the weight. Moral of the story: if you’re an adventure seeker who wants to live on the road or if you’re preparing for an apocalypse (because at this point anything can happen), then you might want to check out TruckHouse.

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