It’s 2021 and the world is enveloped in technology!  From active and passive safety to driving aids to work functionality, automakers are loading today’s automobiles with as much tech as possible to make the experience behind the wheel even better.  Let’s look at a few currently available features that are guiding us into the future!

#1 – LED Tail Light Scale (Ford F-150)

Available with the Max Trailer Tow Package, the payload scale and smart hitch utilize the center infotainment screen, the FordPass app, and the four LED bars in the tail lights to let users know the respective weight of payload and trailers.  It’s crazy to think it took 100 years for pickup trucks to incorporate such a technology, and at the same time, it feels revolutionary.  Safe operation mandates working within a truck’s limits, and this takes any guesswork out of the equation.

#2 – Pre Sense Side (Audi A8)

Audi’s current A8 debuted in 2017 and included an amazing piece of safety technology, called Pre Sense Side.  As part of the Pre Sense 360 suite of active safety, Pre Sense Side can predict lateral collisions and raise the suspension up to 3.1 inches within half of a second to make sure that more of the impact is absorbed in the rocker panels and lower doors, where there is more structural rigidity.

#3 – Crawl Control (Toyota)

Toyota’s Crawl Control uses the low-range transfer case and the individual brakes at each corner to modulate speed, with five different speed choices able to be selected via rotary knob on the overhead console.  Offered on more off-road trims of its pickup trucks and SUVs, think of it as an “off road cruise control” that can get you unstuck from mud, sand, and other loose terrain.  Combined with A-Trac, a locking rear differential, and multi-terrain monitor, these Toyotas remain popular amongst the outdoors crowd for their billy-goat abilities.

#4 – Autopilot (Tesla)

Utilizing a host of cameras and sonar devices, Elon Musk’s brainchild started as an “over-the-air” software update and has since been further refined to allow Tesla owners the ability to merely determine a destination, with their car doing all the work to get there.  Autopilot even includes the ability for the driver to send the car off to valet itself.  Autonomous driving is where it is today because of Tesla’s innovation.

#5 – Wade Sensing (Land Rover)

Available on most of its models and in line with the company’s off-road ethos, Land Rover’s Wade Sensing utilizes sensors in the side-view mirrors to inform drivers of the water level front and back.  The display visual makes sure the user doesn’t exceed the limits of the vehicle.  Now everyone can cross rivers!

This list is just a few of the available driving aid features found in cars today. What technology is a must-have for your next car? Find it with OneRequest!

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