Zach Traphagan has never enjoyed car shopping, and so when he found out about OneRequest Concierge, he was excited to give it a try.

Zach is a busy professional with a young family, so his time is scarce and precious. Since he already knew the make and model of the car he wanted to buy—a KIA Stinger—Zach primarily saw OneRequest Concierge as a way to save time and avoid the hassle of searching and negotiating for a car.  In particular, Zach liked the idea of having someone “on his side” doing the car search for him and undertaking the often stressful price negotiations.

Even in this low-inventory environment, One Request Concierge quickly found Zach’s exact model and trim. His Concierge not only negotiated a great financial deal, but he facilitated the cumbersome, and occasionally confusing, vehicle transaction paperwork on Zach’s behalf.  Zach said the Concierge “took the pressure off” of him, knowing someone else was advocating on his behalf.

Zach estimated he spent 4 hours of his own time to find and purchase his new car (including a test drive), which is ten hours less than the industry average of 14 hours. The whole process from first contact with OneRequest Concierge to delivery of his car took just one week.

Zach was extremely impressed with the OneRequest Concierge service, noting that his personal concierge went “above and beyond” by saving him money on the price of the vehicle, negotiating a lower interest rate on the loan, and obtaining an extra $1k on his trade-in.  With that in mind, Zach commented that: “The Concierge fee is worth every penny.  The service saves your time and the cost is more than covered by the money saved on the price you pay for your car.

Looking for a specific make and model but want to avoid the hassle of searching and negotiating for a car? Then OneRequest Concierge is for YOU! The Concierge team is ready to help you find your new car, handle all negotiations, and answer any questions you might have. Submit your Request at