If you’re an aspiring at-home mechanic or just looking to fix your ride on a budget, the Internet can be a helpful, but daunting, resource. There are a variety of different influencers online to help you fix your car at home. The OneRequest team has compiled our top picks for automotive influencers you should be following.  

Scotty Kilmer

Scotty Kilmer’s YouTube channel is known as the “most-watched car channel in America.” With over 4.6 million followers and 53 years of experience as a mechanic, you can trust that Scotty is full of reliable knowledge. Scotty Kilmer is a character, to say the least, but he knows his stuff. Not only does he have a YouTube channel he updates daily, but he also runs a website with an extremely active forum. If you have a car question, simply ask the forum. Scotty, or one of his millions of community members, is sure to have the answer.

You can find Scotty’s website at www.carkiller.com and he is also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube:

Facebook: Scotty Kilmer

Instagram: @scotty_the_mechanic

Twitter: @scottymechanic

YouTube: Scotty Kilmer


ChrisFix, also known as Chris Magello from New Jersey, is a great resource for fixing your ride at home. ChrisFix’s YouTube channel has 8.38 million followers and over a billion views. ChrisFix posts videos for the at-home mechanic looking to fix their car easily and on a budget. Not only does Chris post videos for repair, but he also creates a personal relationship with his subscribers by sharing his personal projects with vlogs and lifestyle content. ChrisFix is all cars all the time!

ChrisFix can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Facebook: ChrisFix

Instagram: @chrisfixit

Twitter: @ChrisFixed

YouTube: ChrisFix


EricTheCarGuy has over 800 videos covering just about anything car-related you can think of. From repairs to modifications, Eric is full of knowledge for the at-home mechanic. His YouTube channel has 1.62 million followers, and his website has a large forum community, blog, and FAQs. Eric has just about every resource you will need to fix your car. If he doesn’t already have what you’re looking for, just ask the community!

EricTheCarGuy can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. He also has a website: www.ericthecarguy.com.  

Facebook: EricTheCarGuy

Instagram: @ericthecarguy

Twitter: @EricTheCarGuy

YouTube: EricTheCarGuy

Thanks to the Internet, learning anything new is easy and accessible. Fixing your car can be intimidating, but Scotty, Chris, and Eric can help you get it done with confidence. These automotive influencers are skilled, knowledgeable, and conveniently available on virtually every social media channel you can think of. You can feel confident in your repairs knowing Scotty, Chris, and Eric have got your back.

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