January 2022 New Cars on the Block

New Year, new vehicles! 2022 is off to a blistering start, not unlike Le Mans in the 1950s!  Let us get right into January’s New Cars on the Block.

The Monroney Sticker 

The Monroney sticker is displayed on all new cars and contains mandatory information about the make and model, including VIN, fuel economy, and safety ratings.

The Most OneRequested Vehicles of 2021!

We’ve put together a list of the most “OneRequested” vehicles of 2021! If you’re thinking about a new car in 2022, shop with OneRequest. It’s car shopping made easy!

Ready to go Electric? A Guide to EV Charging Solutions

Interested in Electric Vehicles but bewildered by the different ways to charge an EV? Here is our guide to understanding the different charging options.

November 2021 New Cars on the Block (Part 2)

November has been a busy month for new car releases! In part 2 of New Cars on the Block we feature a luxury sedan from Genesis, a hybrid cross-over from BMW, and new releases from Porsche!

November 2021 New Cars on the Block (Part 1)

November has seen a flurry of new cars, and we are here to bring you all the info!

Ride-Ready Tips For Your Holiday Road Trip

Are you planning to take a holiday road trip? Whether you’re headed across the country or just across town, check out these tips for getting your ride road-trip ready.

Vehicle Technology: Intelligent Driving Aids

It’s 2021 and automakers are loading today’s automobiles with as much tech as possible to make the experience behind the wheel even better. We list out five currently available features guiding us into the future!

October 2021 New Cars on the Block

Q4 kicks off with a few new choices for the near future!

You Should be Following These Automotive Influencers

If you’re an aspiring at-home mechanic or just looking to fix your ride on a budget, the OneRequest team has compiled our top picks of automotive influencers to follow.